Tobby: The Loser at Chess


Phew…anyway, Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) just uploaded a new Kagerou Project music video today, and boy, it was the creepiest one I’ve seen among all the other Kagerou Project music videos that I have seen. Kuroha hurting Mary is just…no…no…just no…So much darkness…

Anyway, since I’ll have to wait for my questions to be answered, let me talk about chess. Boy, what a shift in topic, huh? I go screaming like a fanboy over a development in the Kagerou Project, and then I talk about chess. Wow, Tobby, just…wow. It kinda feels awkward when I do that in a face-to-face conversation.

Now, before I trail off somewhere else again, I shall now talk about chess.

And I am a loser at it. I have never ever had a real win at chess. I have only experienced losses. But I don’t think it’s so bad. This chess trainer once told me and a bunch of other people that even great chess players have experienced both wins and losses. What’s important is that we do our best to improve.

Well, I’ve only experienced losses in chess, but now, I feel like I’m improving. I’m starting to think more carefully when planning chess moves. Still, I guess I have a long way to go.

Now, chess…It’s a sport where you have to use your imagination. Why? It’s because you need to anticipate moves. You need to look at the possibilities while playing. What could be the best move? How can I outsmart my opponent? Where in the world is my missing pawn piece!?

Ahh…I remember last year…That time when I played chess like a guy who thought he could play chess well while blindfolded. Well, I wasn’t literally wearing a blindfold, you know. Anyway, back then, I was easily outsmarted by guys who were younger than me. It gave me some embarrassment, but now, I don’t think I should be embarrassed when I lose in a game of chess. I mean, every game is a learning experience, you know.

So, to all you losers at chess like I am right now, don’t feel bad for yourselves. Just do your best to improve. If you want to better at chess, then just keep on playing the best that you can!

Do Your Best and Have Fun, Tobby

About a month ago…or something, I forgot the exact time…I started a character blog while in the middle of my whirlwind of emotional issues. As usual, my impulsiveness in my depression made me do stuff that I regret now. One was that character blog.

So, goodbye, character blog. If someone wants you back, I’ll see if I can rescue you from the dark corner I left you in. For now, try making friends with the dust that’ll pile up in your dark corner.

Anyway, it took me two pieces of advice to think of starting a blog where I write about stuff and write about stuff and write about stuff, because writing is one of my hobbies and my specialty. My dad basically told me “Do the best that you can do,” and a counselor basically told me “Fame is just secondary, and those famous guys weren’t even aiming for fame in the first place since they were just having fun with their hobby or they just wanted to help others.”

And since I find fun in writing, here I am. I’m here to have fun. The number of my followers here is secondary. As long as there’s someone who’ll appreciate my writings here, that’s enough for me.

Now, this is just the beginning. Gotta remind myself…

…Do your best and have fun, Tobby.