Do Your Best and Have Fun, Tobby

About a month ago…or something, I forgot the exact time…I started a character blog while in the middle of my whirlwind of emotional issues. As usual, my impulsiveness in my depression made me do stuff that I regret now. One was that character blog.

So, goodbye, character blog. If someone wants you back, I’ll see if I can rescue you from the dark corner I left you in. For now, try making friends with the dust that’ll pile up in your dark corner.

Anyway, it took me two pieces of advice to think of starting a blog where I write about stuff and write about stuff and write about stuff, because writing is one of my hobbies and my specialty. My dad basically told me “Do the best that you can do,” and a counselor basically told me “Fame is just secondary, and those famous guys weren’t even aiming for fame in the first place since they were just having fun with their hobby or they just wanted to help others.”

And since I find fun in writing, here I am. I’m here to have fun. The number of my followers here is secondary. As long as there’s someone who’ll appreciate my writings here, that’s enough for me.

Now, this is just the beginning. Gotta remind myself…

…Do your best and have fun, Tobby.


Feel free to say something!

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