Even Play and Relaxation are for Older People, Tobby!

Today, I read this article titled “The Importance of Play for Adults.” Here’s the link below, by the way:


Anyway, it was a good and interesting article. It’s not just work work work when one becomes an adult, you know. Life has to be balanced. You need to RELAAAAAAAXXXXX, too. Play a video game, play a sport, read a book, listen to music, but don’t spend too much time relaxing. As I just said, life has to be BALAAAAAAANCEEEEEEEDDD. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh…….

Anyway, I wonder why some older people don’t look at play and relaxation in a good light. And by play and relaxation, I mean the kind that isn’t just serious business sports competitions. Maybe they don’t notice that play and relaxation isn’t just serious business sports competitions or playing tag with kids in the neighborhood? I guess some people need to widen their views. Still, for all those workaholics and all those grumpy, serious business people: Why so serious? (By the way, I know the meme, but I haven’t watched The Dark Knight.) Just RELAAAAAAAXXXXX.

I’m not that old yet, but I feel like I’ll still be young at heart when I become older.

Still, even if I’m a slightly conflicted guy carrying some heavy burdens of everyday life, I won’t give up! Look at the bright side, and BALAAAAAAANCEEEEEEE your life. Even play and relaxation are for older people, Tobby!

Feel free to say something!

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