Don’t Be Lazy, Tobby

We all have lives. In an ordinary day, we have our work times, we have our rest times. During the previous post, I said that you need BALAAAAAAANCEEEEEEE in your life.

And as a follow up: Don’t be lazy. Yeah, even you, Tobby.

A certain quote from a certain Roman Catholic saint was “Idleness is the devil’s workshop.” Well, I do agree with that one. When I’m idle and doing nothing productive, these weird thoughts creep into my mind. Usually, it’s sexual pervertedness, so yeah. It’s a tough life. I really need to be busy. Or else I’ll probably do something that can make my mind even dirtier because of perverted thoughts creeping inside my head.

I think I really shouldn’t keep on discussing my sexual pervertedness issues so openly. I remember talking about them with some of my friends, and boy, did I just go from bad to worse. I should talk about it, yeah, but this is something to be talked about with the right people.

So, back on topic, we really shouldn’t be lazy. Something has to keep has going. We need to work, and in turn, we need to rest. Too much work or too much rest can make us forget basic stuff like eating meals and taking a bath, or worse, human relationships like family and friends. Based on my experiences, doing nothing productive can lead to bad stuff like sexual pervertedness, delusions, and relationship damage. Good thing I’m improving when it comes to using the computer. I’m a victim of Internet addiction, and boy, it was a bad experience having to deal with my depression with other stuff while suffering from Internet addiction. Fortunately, I asked for help. Yeah, when you have problems, go talk to someone like your family or someone trustworthy, and ask for help. Doing nothing and just moping around will only make matters worse.

And I just found out while writing this that Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) uploaded the music video of Summertime Record! Now then, people, I’ll be getting busy, so keep yourselves busy, too. Now then, it’s time to see the Kagerou Project’s GOOD END!!!

Feel free to say something!

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