The Sad Poor Orphan, the Discontent Rich Boy, and the Kind Old Bystander

Once upon a time, there was a sad poor orphan who lost his parents to a fire that burned his house along with a part of his town. He was the only one who survived, and he ran to the city to escape the memories of the tragedy. Upon arriving at the city, he sat beside a bench because of tiredness. On that bench was an old man who was sitting beside a frowning rich boy. The old man quickly noticed the boy on the ground beside the bench.

“Who might you be, boy?” the old man asked the orphan.

“I’m an orphan from the nearby town. My parents died in a fire,” the orphan said, looking down at the ground.

“Oh…sorry about that,” the old man said with sympathy.

“I miss my parents…” the orphan sadly said as tears came out of his eyes.

“I want better parents!”

The rich boy who was sitting beside the old man suddenly shouted that, as the old man wasn’t responding to the rich boy’s complaints about his parents anymore. Even though the rich boy showed tactless behavior, the old man still looked at the sad orphan beside him, thinking of how he could help him. That also made him try to think of how he could help the discontent rich boy, too.

The old man’s face then brightened as he thought of a great idea.

“I remember a couple who could not bear any children in that house over there,” the old man said, pointing to a house up ahead. “Tell them about your plight. They’ll probably be happy to take you in.”

“Really?” the orphan asked, raising his head to face the old man.

“Yes. Go on, now,” the old man encouraged with a smile.

“Thank you!” the orphan said with a smile. He wiped his own tears off and then he ran to the house the old man pointed to.

The old man and the rich boy watched as the boy knocked on the door of the house. A man and a woman came out, and for a while, the boy was talking to them. Eventually, the couple smiled, and they gladly let the boy inside their home.

The old man silently smiled at the good fortune of the boy. The rich boy, however, smiled for a different reason.

“Old man!” the rich boy excitedly shouted. “Please show me to a house with a childless couple, too!”

“Go to that mansion over there, boy,” the old man pointed.

“Alright, I’ll go there right now!”

The boy quickly ran, having forgotten that he was actually running back to his own house. The old man then sighed in amusement.

“Oh boy…he must have been so focused on himself and his complaints that he forgot where he lived. Haha, His shout of ‘I’ll forget about you forever’ that he said to his parents seemed to have become true. Hahaha!!!”

Curious about what would happen next, he went and followed the boy. He watched the boy from outside the gate to the mansion as the boy’s parents came out with happiness at finding their son that they were finding in distress. A while later, the boy realized that he had went to his own home, and then he stomped and complained angrily. His parents then calmed him down, and then they talked calmly. The frowning boy aired his complaints, and then his parents replied in a way that made the boy go “Really?” After that, the parents nodded, and then the boy and the parents hugged each other.

The old man smiled yet again at the now reunited family.

“I don’t really know what happened in that negotiation, but I feel happy that they’re okay now.”

The old man then turned around and went home, smiling at the two boys that he had helped.

“Well, today’s been another good day,” the old man said to himself. “Boy, doing random acts of kindness is refreshing.”

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