Focus on the More Important Stuff, Tobby!

Tobby, you have a lot of time to do things these days. You can use the computer longer, and it’s your own computer, too. You can all have fun in the Internet and all that, you know.

But still, please focus on the more important stuff, Tobby!

Yeah, I really needed a self-reminder there. I have stuff I need to do, yet I procrastinate here in the Net. Why use the excuse “I’m really bored” when the issue is actually “I’m hooked up on the Net and the computer again.”

I’ve been a victim of Internet addiction. I don’t know when you really call it full-blown Internet Addiction Disorder, but I’ve had bad experiences caused by my addiction to the Net and to the computer. Mostly, it was delusions and perverted sexual thoughts. And wasted time, too.

I do like using the computer and being on the Net a lot, but I just need self-control. Good thing I’ve sought help for this thing, and I’m improving.

I just need to control myself better, though.





in a spider web…

Which is why I need help from others. So, Internet addicts, if you feel like your lives are becoming ruined because of your Internet addiction, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As long as you keep your focus on improvement and on the more important things that you want to accomplish, you’ll definitely improve.

Now then, focus on the more important stuff, Tobby!

Feel free to say something!

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