Isn’t It Fun to have Story-Telling in Music, Tobby?

Today’s music…Ahh, today’s music. Most of today’s famous music…well, I don’t really care that much about most of the well-known songs I hear here in my country. I’d like the songs, as long as they tell interesting stories. Like the Kagerou Project. Boy, oh boy, the Kagerou Project. Now that is a fine example of excellent story-telling with music. Add up the excellently made music videos, and they. Are. Just. AMAZING. You wanna know what the Kagerou Project is? Well, I didn’t want to explain right now, but since I remembered that I promised myself to guide curious people carefully, well…Basically, the Kagerou Project (Heat-Haze Project in English) is a story revolving around a group of nine youths with eye powers, a.k.a. the Mekakushi Dan (Blindfold Gang in English). If you have any questions about the Kagerou Project, feel free to ask through the comments section, because I’ll be very happy to answer your questions about the Kagerou Project.

Anyway, story-telling in music…it makes me think, especially if the story is interesting. If I want a story-telling song that’s really great, the formula would be “catchy music + catchy lyrics + interesting story = great song.” Well, if the music and story are good enough, then the lyrics suddenly become catchy, I guess. Ah, whatever.

Well, as for liking of story-telling in music, it’s just a part of my passion for stories. I like reading interesting stories, and I like writing interesting stories. And isn’t it fun to have story-telling in music, Tobby?

Maybe I should talk about my passion for stories some other time.

Feel free to say something!

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