Tobby the Story-Lover (Writer Side)

Here is the other side of Tobby the story-lover.

As much as I love reading stories, I love writing stories, too. I try to do my best when I write. In the past, I got too full of myself and ended up creating a character blog for the sake of becoming famous. In the end, it became one boring burden for me. Now, after some help from certain people in my life, I’m here after realizing that since I love writing, I should just keep doing my best in writing and have fun doing it. As I do that, I set my aim on creating stories that can draw the attention of many. Right now, I guess I have a long way to go, but I’ll just have to work hard, then.

Now, time to tell you people my reasons as to why I love writing stories.

Reason No. 1: Writing stories makes me connect with other people.

Stories are meant to be read. And every story contains the imprint of its creator, as I have said in the Reader Side. Whenever I write a story, I always have this desire to show it to someone after I make it. Why would I write a story and then not have someone read it? If I did that, then the story that I wrote should just head to the dumpster. I write so that there may be someone who will read it. I write so that I can socialize with others. Yes, writing is one way of socialization.

Reason No. 2: Writing stories makes me show who I am.

It’s always bound to happen when I write a story. I can’t hide myself when I write. Within the words that I write, there lies pieces of myself, shown to the readers that lay their eyes on them. My imprint is in my stories, and it will always be seen. It’s fun if there are people who can relate to me, too, since it leads to more socialization. When we open up and be honest, others open up, and then we can connect. Fun, isn’t it?

Reason No. 3: Writing stories makes me influence others and start change in society.

In my stories is my imprint, and a creator’s imprint always tries to influence readers. There are people who let themselves be influenced, and there are those who don’t. Even with that, I still try to spread my views through my stories as I have fun writing and sharing them. There are things that I want to change in society, and writing stories is my favorite way of starting change in society.

And these are my reasons as to why I love writing stories. If you love writing stories, leave a comment in the comments section if you have other reasons as to why you love writing stories.

And now, here’s a friendly reminder:

Do your best, and have fun.

Feel free to say something!

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