The Inevitable Revealing of Tobby’s Identity


…And I have also revealed my face.

I think the truth being revealed is inevitable. So yeah, there’s me in the video up there. Even if I try and hide my face over and over again, drawing attention to myself eventually leads to me getting exposed.

Anyway, I made that video after being inspired by surviving a difficult situation I experienced today. Said difficult situation is speaking in front of an audience. I’m not good at public speaking, you know. I remember those times during high school…those times when I had to go in front of the class and do presentations. My mother told me that public speaking is a skill that I have to learn for work. Well, she has a point. I’ll have to speak up to an audience, be it a group of workmates that wants to hear some ideas in a meeting, a gigantic crowd that wants to hear a performance in a concert, or a bunch of big personalities who want to hear an acceptance speech when I get an award (someday).

Alright, why am I trying to hide the fact that I’m a college student? That whole “speaking in front of an audience” I had today was a creative report on postmodernism, and it was a group report, too. Even if I hide or show my identity, I’ll still receive love and hate, just like everyone else. I’ll just have to receive opinions and decide which opinions will influence me. I’ll still keep on airing my opinions, but I won’t force my opinions on others. I can’t change others, but I can change myself. I can’t change others, but I can influence them to choose to change.

And so, here starts the inevitable revealing of Tobby’s identity. Now that it has started, let me say something:


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