Unlocking Undiscovered Dimensional Doors

During some unknown time in the Hall of Dimensional Doors, a dimensional traveler named Jack entered with a look of despair on his face.

“Hall Guardian!” Jack shouted.


A hooded, robed, faceless being appeared in front of Jack and spoke with a hollow, monotonous voice in response.

“Lead me to the door that leads to the Hot Spring of Eternal Comfort!”

“Okay,” the Hall Guardian slowly replied. It just did its job without considering the intentions of its clients. Doing its job was the only thing on its mind.

Immediately, Jack and the Hall Guardian teleported to a door that looked identical to all the other doors in the hall.

“Here is the door to that leads to the Hot Spring of Eternal Comfort,” the Hall Guardian said monotonously, as if it were a programmed robot. “Thank you, and have a nice day.”

The Hall Guardian then disappeared, leaving the despairing Jack alone.

“This is my only hope,” Jack said to himself. He then reached for the doorknob, but before he could touch it…


One of Jack’s best friends, Johnny, entered from the door behind Jack.


“Jack, don’t go there! You’ll regret it!” Johnny shouted.

“But Johnny…why should I stay in a world where we dimensional travelers are discriminated? I don’t want to live a boring life like the Hall Guardian here!”

“Jack, just open the door, and you’ll see why,” Johnny replied with a serious face.


And then Jack, opened the door, revealing a hot spring filled with floating corpses of various dimensional travelers.


Jack merely stared at the sight in front of him. The hot spring might have looked good if there weren’t any corpses there. Immediately, Jack shut the door and turned to Johnny.

“It’s…horrible,” Jack said. “What do I do now, Johnny?”

“Don’t worry, Jack,” Johnny said with a smile. “There’s this world we forgotten dimensional travelers can live in without worrying about being forgotten. Hall Guardian!”


“Lead us to the door that leads to the Illusionary Fantasy Land!”


The three of them then teleported to another door.

“Here is the door that leads to the Illusionary Fantasy Land. Thank you, and have a nice day.”

The Hall Guardian then disappeared again. Johnny immediately opened the door, revealing a shining light that awed Jack.

“Beautiful…” Jack said, even though he could only see shining light coming out from the door. “What is that place?”

“Come with us, Jack, and we’ll show you a beautiful world we dimensional travelers can all live in,” Johnny said.

At that instant, many doors in the hall opened, and various forgotten dimensional travelers like Jack and Johnny came out of the other doors. They all gathered to where Jack and Johnny were, eager to see what lied beyond the shining light coming out from the door that Johnny opened. As for Jack, he was inspired by the many number of dimensional travelers that were gathered around him and Johnny.

“You have made me see a new perspective, Johnny,” Jack said with an inspired smile and tears of joy. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Jack,” Johnny replied with a smile. “Now then, shall we go?”

“YEAH!” the dimensional travelers, including Jack, shouted in unison.

And so, they all entered the door, one by one, and went into the world where their strangeness was considered normal.

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