Tobby the Shy Guy

Ahh, I’m such a shy guy…

…But that doesn’t mean that I should stay like that forever.

I get stage fright when I do public speaking. It takes time for me to make a proper expression when I take a picture of myself. Same goes for trying to record myself for a video. At times, I become needlessly fearful of the unknown.

There are shy people in this world, alright, but shyness is something that we need to overcome. We humans are social beings, and shyness can get in the way of socializing. Of course, we can’t overcome shyness in an instant. We have to take it step by step. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. Talk to family and friends about your problems. I guess those two things can help.

Anyway, we all have to break out of our shells of shyness. When the shell of shyness starts to break, you’ll see a the world in a more interesting perspective. Well, that’s what I think.

So, self-reminder again…

Tobby the shy guy, do your best in breaking out of your shell of shyness!

Feel free to say something!

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