Shut Up and Don’t Gossip, Tobby!

Gossip. Everyone has done it even once. We take our time to look at and talk about someone else’s personal or private lives, all just to make ourselves feel that we’re better than them. We hate someone, we gossip about them. We judge others quickly, we gossip about them. We think we’re better than someone, we gossip about them.

You know, gossip can really destroy social relationships. We can never deny that. When we gossip, we start to have a warped view of the person we’re gossiping about. We then start to judge too quickly about that person, and then we begin to think that he or she isn’t a good person. Then, we start to treat that gossiped person like he or she is garbage while we’re clouded by the pride that we create in our hearts because of our gossiping. Without giving that person a chance to show his or her goodness, we are the ones who destroy the potential for friendship with that person. Even if they do try to show their goodness to others, if we keep on thinking that he or she isn’t a good person, then we’re also destroying the potential for friendship with that person. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so hard to make friends nowadays. Gossip is freaking prevalent, even today.

Even in the media, gossip seems to be a freaking vital component in news. I’ve been thinking, maybe what we see on the news is what people want to know. And if gossip is a vital component in news, then humanity has a freaking serious problem.

If there are people who don’t want to stop gossiping, then fine, I won’t be able to make you choose to stop doing so. I can only influence you, people, and it’s all your call if you want to stop doing something or not. Now then, let me continue with my self-expression.

Sure, all of us may have gossiped about someone at least once in their lives, but when we gossip and talk about the imperfections of others, have we ever even thought that we’re ones to talk? All of us are imperfect. No human is perfect. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s our imperfection that makes us want to feel better than others, leading us to do things like gossip and trolling. Still, even if we are imperfect, we can still be better people. We can’t be perfect, but we can aim for our level best. If someone were to say “I suck at this, even though I tried my best,” then I would say “Then keep on doing your best! We all have different levels of ‘best’ in various things.”

And also, instead of gossiping about others, can’t we try to be friends? Can’t we give other people a chance to be good? We can let ourselves be taken over by hate and pride when we some glaring imperfection in someone, but we can also stop being taken over by hate and pride, too.

I remember this classmate of mine during high school. He was a bully to me back then, and when I was at my final year of high school, I began to think of him as a very bad person with no hope of being better, and it became harder to get along with him, not just because of his attitude, but because I was looking at him as a very bad person. Compared to him, I was burning our bridge, the bridge that could lead to a friendship, more than he was. I guess that’s the reason as to why I felt awkward to try to be friends with him, even if he has stopped bullying me.

You know, I think we should pause for a while, take a deep breath, and take a look at how we view other people. Sure, some imperfect people are hated because they intentionally did something bad, but can’t we just hope for them to become better people rather than wish for them to die and rot away in a landfill?

Can’t we give friendship a chance?

And now, it is time to give myself a self-reminder. I’ll never be able to make friends properly if I gossip about others, so…

Shut up and don’t gossip, Tobby! You can still talk, but don’t gossip!

Feel free to say something!

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