The Calm Earphones Boy 2

Near the end of the semester, the calm earphones boy talked to one of his professors.

“Have you received my final draft of the essay, sir?” the calm earphones boy asked.

“You haven’t passed your essay yet,” the professor told him. “It’s already one day past the deadline.”

“But I passed it,” the calm earphones boy replied.

“I haven’t received it.”

“I gave it to the other professor, who was your roommate here.”

“Only I collect the papers. I don’t think he has any papers from you.”

The calm earphones boy’s composure started to slip at that reply, but within a split-second, this line of thought ran through his mind:

Dude, calm down. That other professor isn’t here right now, so you won’t be able to get proof. You should just tell him that you’ll pass the essay tomorrow and get a demerit as a consequence rather than get angry at him. Use this experience as inspiration, too!

After that line of thought entered his mind, he then took a deep breath and calmly replied to his professor.

“Alright. I’ll pass my essay tomorrow, even if I’ll get a demerit. Better late than never, I guess.”

“Okay,” the professor answered with a nod, “Then I’ll be waiting for it tomorrow. Make sure that you won’t be tardy in submitting your requirements in the future semesters.”

“Alright. Thank you, sir.”

After thanking the professor, the calm earphones boy left. As he went away, he stopped for a bit and took out his music player from his bag, and then he plugged the earphones to his ears. He doesn’t wear them when he’s talking and listening to someone, especially a professor. Of course, there are times when he wears just one earphone while talking and listening to someone.

The calm earphones boy then went home, listening to his music with low volume as he went to the bus terminal, and listening to his music with the usual volume as he rode the bus that headed to his hometown.

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