Those Who Jump Off Skyscrapers

As we are chased by the challenges of life

We run up the stairs of skyscrapers

Running, fighting,

Dodging, defending.

It is just another ordinary day of life.


We all reach the top of a skyscraper

Where we are cornered

Where we have our backs to the edge.

Some of us may despair and surrender.

Some of us may fight like a berserker.

Some of us may jump off the edge

Not because of despair

But because they have control of themselves.


As they fall through the air going through their faces,

They wield their abilities like they were aces.

As they fall,

Some would fly,

Some would float,

Some would laugh while on a boat.

The crazy would be flying to a world they can only see.

The practical would be calculating their reality.

And there are other with different purposes and aims.

Whatever their alignment, they all find a way

To land on the ground like they had no weight.


It is just another ordinary day.

The skydivers walk away

Since it was just another one of many.

As their pursuers jump off the edge of the skyscraper,

The skydivers take their challenge.

Another fight and chase begins again

Until the skydivers’ lives end.


Still, they take it like they were normal

Because they know that this is life.

They choose to face life and fight

While they calmly run up to another height.

The crazy wish to fly to the worlds that they have never seen.

The practical wish to find the answers that they never knew.

And there are others who have different purposes and aims,

But for all of them who jump off  skyscrapers everyday,

This was just another ordinary day.


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