You Only Need Enough Material Possessions, Tobby!

Material possessions…I wonder why there are people who want so much of them? I wonder why I wanted so much of them? Maybe it’s because we feel happy when we have more of the material possessions that we want…but do they really make us happy when we have too much of them?

From my point of view, having too much material possessions is bad. Same goes for having too little. We only need enough material possessions. You only need enough material possessions, Tobby.

When life is centered on hoarding material possessions, life may feel good for a while, but it becomes really boring on the long run. Why waste time and energy to accumulate things that we don’t even need? Once we have enough, we should just use the excess for acts of charity. There are other people who don’t have enough, you know.

Also, there are way more fun things than just hoarding material possessions. There are social bonds, art, music, and nature. Appreciating these things are more fun than filling a warehouse of gold and keeping it there for who knows how long. I would rather write stories that can be good influences to people and try to make friends instead of wanting to collect too much material possessions. I guess I understand why there are people who hate those who work only for money. I think it would be better to focus on doing your best and having fun instead of working only for material possessions. I only need enough material possessions. True friends and well-made creative works…these are more worth treasuring than a gigantic pile of material wealth that I don’t even need. Centering your life on material possessions will only cause self-centeredness, and it will also lead to the destruction of your social bonds. In short, a life centered on material possessions won’t end well.

Anyway, we should remember four things, then:

Have enough material possessions, be a good influence, do your best, and have fun!


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