Records of A Repeating Summer Day

August 15

Today, I found a diary for me to write on. Thought I could use some self-expression. Still, I feel like should show this to trustworthy people, like my parents or my close friends, but it wouldn’t be a diary anymore, right? Anyway, I found this on the park while I was taking a walk during the early morning. The cover was colored black and red, but the contents were cleanly empty before I wrote on this. There was no name or any trace left that might lead to its owner, so I took it for myself. I guess this is the most interesting thing that happened in this boring day of boring days.


August 15 (Loop 2)

Had the most interesting thing happen to me yesterday…or today…or the previous loop. Because of my clumsiness, I fell down the stairs of my house, and I landed really bad. I must have died, but for some reason, I’m alive, and I woke up in my room…but I found out that the date was still August 15. Also, my diary didn’t seem to be affected. The previous loop’s entry was still there. I wonder why this is happening…


August 15 (Loop 3)

I died again. This time, my airheadedness caused me to get hit by a truck. I have this feeling that I’m in something like that heat-haze in that music series that I’m a big fan of. Still, shouldn’t there be another person that should have died with me? I think I’ve heard that if two people die at the same time, one heads back to the real world with an eye power from a snake, and the other stays in the heat-haze for who knows how long. I forgot if that was canon or just another fan theory…Anyway, I’ll have to go investigate this strange situation of mine…


August 15 (Loop 4)

I got into an encounter with some annoying people during the previous loop, which turned into a fight that ended with me getting stabbed and then dying of blood loss. I’m now realizing that dying is really painful. Again, I woke up in my room. The time when I woke up was 12:33 pm. I should really check the time again during the next loop, since this is like the Heat-Haze Days. Well then, how will I die again today?


August 15 (Loop 5)

With my earphones in my ears, and my music player in my pocket…I was crushed by steel beams that fell from a construction site. Well, what a way to die. I feel like I’ve been trapped in a time loop where I’ll be killed in really strange and painful ways. Still, I haven’t found any more significant info regarding my situation. I should really check more places out…and avoid trucks, construction sites, cocky punks, and clumsiness.


August 15 (Loop 6)

Wow, I died spectacularly. I managed to avoid getting hit by a truck, but then I was hit by another incoming car, which was then followed by who knows how many cars, and then it all ended with a spectacular explosion that could be suitable for an action comedy. Anyway, I think I saw someone with a diary that looked just like this diary…and the owner was a cute girl with twintails. She was actually my crush that I’ve been stalking ever since middle school. I haven’t talked to her ever since middle school, too, since she really considers me gross and disgusting ever since she discovered me stalking her. Anyway, maybe I should see her at the park during the next loop. Come to think of it, she was holding her diary during the early morning before she glared me away. I discovered my diary after that, too. I really should see her during the next loop…


August 15 (Loop 7)

Looks like my crush and I are really stuck in this situation. Talk about coincidence. This feels like those stories where not only you have an adventure, but you also get to have that adventure with the one that you’re romantically interested in. Anyway, she found her diary in the park during the first loop like I did. She thinks that our diaries may be the key to get out of this situation. She does have a point. We died by getting pierced by steel beams during the last loop, and boy, is dying becoming boring already. It’s really giving me nightmares. I really wanna get out of this loop. I wonder what my crush is writing on her diary? We’ve been writing our entries in the park during the previous loops, and then we die within the day. Talk about another coincidence.


August 15 (Loop 8)

Trucks and steel beams must have big crushes on the two of us. We got run over by trucks, and then pierced by steel beams. What is this, black comedy? Anyway, my crush thinks that we should destroy our diaries. Said that since this all started when we got these diaries, we should destroy them. I guess we shoul


August 15 (Loop 9)

Damn truck…it collided into the park and killed me and my crush! And it didn’t even let me finish writing! I’ll have to keep this short before we get killed again, so anyway, before I wrote on this thing again, we tried burning our diaries together, which didn’t work. So, we’re still deciding who’ll burn a diary first. I hope we can


August 16

We got killed by the fire we made during the ninth loop, so I decided to stop writing in the diary and burn it immediately in front of my crush in the next loop. I suddenly blacked out after that, and then I woke up. It’s now August 16, early morning, but I still have this diary with me. What’s more strange is that my eyes are glowing red. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure, too, and I my eyes really were glowing red. I don’t know what happened to me, but I think I remember talking to…a snake? Anyway, I should really stop writing on this thing and get a new diary to write on. This diary only reminds me of the freaking nightmare that was the looping 15th of August. I do not want to remember those freaking time loops where I died really horribly. Okay, now I should just go investigate what’s going on with me, and then go visit my crush. I hope she’s okay, though…

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