Records of a Crumbling Mind

August 17

My crush…she was…dead…She was already dead…Damn it…Still, this power I have in my eyes…it lets me…see through things…I admit that it can be convenient…but these eyes of mine have been a big bother to me lately. I tend to accidentally see through clothes, and I had to stay in my room and control my power. Damn it, my sexual perversion is really going nuts again…I now feel regret for my crush being dead…as I do have this desire to see through her clothes…Bah, she’s dead already. I have to control this power, first.


August 18

Oh yeah, I forgot to write about what happened after I burned my diary. I found myself in darkness, and then I saw this pair of glowing red eyes looking at me. I felt like it could see through the depths of my soul. It was hissing, too. It must have been a snake. I was asked if I wished to escape the time loop, and so I said yes. After all that, it seems that I gained some sort of eye power. I still have issues with controlling it, though…


August 19

Damn it, I still can’t wander around without averting my gaze away from people, or even bumping into things. My eyes also tend focus on things I’m looking at, and the things that I see through but I’m not focusing on become invisible to my sight. This freaking power just  made me more clumsy. Wish I could gain control of this power, so I locked myself up in my room…


August 20

I seem to be gaining control of my power now. Still, it tends to slip up at times, but I’m getting better. Now learning to use it for convenience, such as checking who’s around without risking being noticed. I feel like I can be more stealthy now…


August 21

Good thing it’s still vacation, as I can pretty much practice eye power control. The difficulty of chores has been reduced because of my eye power, too. I can look for a specific object within a large pile of stuff. This power can be good for searching a needle in a haystack. Thank you very much, snake. I should call you the “snake of piercing eyes,” just like how those eye power snakes are labeled in that music series.


August 22

Man, my control’s getting better today! I feel like going out of the house in celebration! Well then, let’s work these powers out, shall we?


August 23

Truck hit me yesterday. Woke up in hospital room. Felt strange, as if I’m a new person. I remember begging for help, and the snake seems to be controlling me now. With these last bits of sanity I have left, I have to write about this…and leave this to someone…but who?


August 24

Today, I feel like stalking people. Girls, perhaps. Girls who look like her. Black hair, twintails, and tsundere personality. With these eyes of mine, I can watch them better…heheheh…


August 25

Found someone who looks like her. Looks like she’s from another school, and she’s in the same year as me, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she looks like her. Ah yes, maybe I should make plushies of her and record her voice again…why did I even throw those things away, anyway? Hmm…also, I should buy her a diary…She had a diary, but I think I should customize it to match my diary, so that we would feel even more connected.


August 26

She seems to hang out at the park, too. I left my gift along with some flowers in front of the door to her house. I watched her all the way, even when she found my gift to her. Her disgusted expression was…cute…As I write this, I have more interesting things that I’m going to do…heheheh…hahahahahaha!


August 27

I’m…trying to break…out of this…insanity…Feels like I’m being pierced and then swallowed whole…Must stop this…


August 28

Why do I even keep resisting? I’m having a great time already! Wait, why am I calling this a great time? The girl I’m stalking is not even the real her. She just looks like her. She’s not her. The real her is dead. If so, then I should kill her…heheheheh…hahahahahahaha!


August 29

She’s dead. Luckily, I had the grandest opportunity of her getting hit by a truck. Everyone’s chasing me now, but I’m happy! She’s now like my real crush…dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. DeadDeadDead. deaddeadeaddeadwhywhywhywhywhywhywhycan’tyoubealive!?


August 30

Why is this…happening to me…? I wish she weren’t dead. I wish I never had this power in the first place. I wish I never found this diary in the first place. I wish I could turn back time, and make these things never happen…Whoever is the master of the snake that I have right now…you can turn back time, right? Please, reset the timeline…


August 31

Looks like my wish is being granted…Thank you very much…

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