The Proper Way to Handle Exploder Robots

“Uhh…can I really do this?”

“You can, rookie. Just calm down.”

A rookie soldier, who was being guided by his commander, was assigned to defuse a lone exploder robot moving in circles in a city street during the afternoon. Because of the highly dangerous nature of exploder robots, the area had to be isolated, and everyone except the bomb disposal squad had to evacuate.

“W-Won’t it attack me if I try to stop it or anything?” the rookie soldier said nervously. It was just him and his commander here in his first official mission as a bomb disposal squad member.

“It will attack you, but it won’t explode unless you at least lay a finger on  it. You just have to lure it, and then spray it with the cooling spray,” the commander said calmly, emanating an aura of experience, which he had gained from many bomb disposal missions. He also had marks of past failures, which were evident in his burnt left eye, which had an artificial eye in its place, and in his burn marks on his torso, which was currently hidden by his outfit. Still, he calmly carried those marks, as he believed that each and every member of the disposal squad had to earn that someday to be able to become better bomb disposal soldiers.

“You think it’s that easy? I’m just a rookie!”

“It would feel easy if you had enough experience. You remind me of my rookie days, boy. It’s because of hesitation and nervousness, like what you’re showing right now, that I got my body burnt by an explosion. Keep calm, boy. That’s what my experiences in the bomb disposal squad taught me. It would be hard at first, yes, but you’ll have to keep calm and face your fears. If you don’t keep yourself calm and under control, you’ll break and perhaps hurt someone as well, much like an exploder robot that explodes when you simply touch it. Calmness. That’s what people these days need.”

“Alright, alright, commander. I’ll do it. I’ll try to…keep calm…”

His commander may be a loud and frank guy, but he received his message. He had to keep calm. He learned that not only in training, but in real life experiences as well. He wasn’t a really patient guy during his childhood days, and he had to learn calmness and patience the hard way.

After taking deep breaths, the rookie soldier went forward and slowly approached the exploder robot. As the robot moved in circles, it suddenly stopped and turned to face the rookie soldier with glowing red eyes.


At that moment, the robot started moving towards the rookie soldier at a faster speed. The rookie quickly backstepped a few times, but he stopped and pointed his cooling spray at the robot, as he couldn’t run away forever.


Immediately, the rookie soldier released a spray of cold air towards the exploder robot, causing it to slow down and stiffen, slowly freezing up from the cooling agent. A few moments later, its red eyes stopped glowing, and then it eventually stopped functioning.

“I did it! I did it! Did you see that? I did it! Yeah!”

The rookie soldier jumped with joy at his first successful mission. His commander was also smiling, and he approached his subordinate, giving him a slap to the back.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Don’t be too excited there, boy. You’ll be getting your burn mark eventually, hahaha!”

“Hey! That isn’t funny!”

“Well, let me tell you something, boy: Every one of your higher ranked officers in the bomb disposal squad has a scar or two from an explosion, so don’t  go thinking that you’re the greatest guy ever.”


The rookie soldier became scared at his commander’s reminder. The commander then smiled and encouraged him in reply.

“Come on, don’t worry about that. We’ve got your back. Just focus on doing your best and improving yourself. Anyway, wanna go out to eat? It’s my treat.”


“Alright. But we’ll have to manage a bunch of technical stuff, first, so let’s get to work again!”

With smiles, the two soldiers went off, with the setting sun at a distance in front of them.

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