Shut Up and Don’t Gossip, Tobby!

Gossip. Everyone has done it even once. We take our time to look at and talk about someone else’s personal or private lives, all just to make ourselves feel that we’re better than them. We hate someone, we gossip about them. We judge others quickly, we gossip about them. We think we’re better than someone, we gossip about them.

You know, gossip can really destroy social relationships. We can never deny that. When we gossip, we start to have a warped view of the person we’re gossiping about. We then start to judge too quickly about that person, and then we begin to think that he or she isn’t a good person. Then, we start to treat that gossiped person like he or she is garbage while we’re clouded by the pride that we create in our hearts because of our gossiping. Without giving that person a chance to show his or her goodness, we are the ones who destroy the potential for friendship with that person. Even if they do try to show their goodness to others, if we keep on thinking that he or she isn’t a good person, then we’re also destroying the potential for friendship with that person. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so hard to make friends nowadays. Gossip is freaking prevalent, even today.

Even in the media, gossip seems to be a freaking vital component in news. I’ve been thinking, maybe what we see on the news is what people want to know. And if gossip is a vital component in news, then humanity has a freaking serious problem.

If there are people who don’t want to stop gossiping, then fine, I won’t be able to make you choose to stop doing so. I can only influence you, people, and it’s all your call if you want to stop doing something or not. Now then, let me continue with my self-expression.

Sure, all of us may have gossiped about someone at least once in their lives, but when we gossip and talk about the imperfections of others, have we ever even thought that we’re ones to talk? All of us are imperfect. No human is perfect. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s our imperfection that makes us want to feel better than others, leading us to do things like gossip and trolling. Still, even if we are imperfect, we can still be better people. We can’t be perfect, but we can aim for our level best. If someone were to say “I suck at this, even though I tried my best,” then I would say “Then keep on doing your best! We all have different levels of ‘best’ in various things.”

And also, instead of gossiping about others, can’t we try to be friends? Can’t we give other people a chance to be good? We can let ourselves be taken over by hate and pride when we some glaring imperfection in someone, but we can also stop being taken over by hate and pride, too.

I remember this classmate of mine during high school. He was a bully to me back then, and when I was at my final year of high school, I began to think of him as a very bad person with no hope of being better, and it became harder to get along with him, not just because of his attitude, but because I was looking at him as a very bad person. Compared to him, I was burning our bridge, the bridge that could lead to a friendship, more than he was. I guess that’s the reason as to why I felt awkward to try to be friends with him, even if he has stopped bullying me.

You know, I think we should pause for a while, take a deep breath, and take a look at how we view other people. Sure, some imperfect people are hated because they intentionally did something bad, but can’t we just hope for them to become better people rather than wish for them to die and rot away in a landfill?

Can’t we give friendship a chance?

And now, it is time to give myself a self-reminder. I’ll never be able to make friends properly if I gossip about others, so…

Shut up and don’t gossip, Tobby! You can still talk, but don’t gossip!

Tobby the Shy Guy

Ahh, I’m such a shy guy…

…But that doesn’t mean that I should stay like that forever.

I get stage fright when I do public speaking. It takes time for me to make a proper expression when I take a picture of myself. Same goes for trying to record myself for a video. At times, I become needlessly fearful of the unknown.

There are shy people in this world, alright, but shyness is something that we need to overcome. We humans are social beings, and shyness can get in the way of socializing. Of course, we can’t overcome shyness in an instant. We have to take it step by step. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. Talk to family and friends about your problems. I guess those two things can help.

Anyway, we all have to break out of our shells of shyness. When the shell of shyness starts to break, you’ll see a the world in a more interesting perspective. Well, that’s what I think.

So, self-reminder again…

Tobby the shy guy, do your best in breaking out of your shell of shyness!

Unlocking Undiscovered Dimensional Doors

During some unknown time in the Hall of Dimensional Doors, a dimensional traveler named Jack entered with a look of despair on his face.

“Hall Guardian!” Jack shouted.


A hooded, robed, faceless being appeared in front of Jack and spoke with a hollow, monotonous voice in response.

“Lead me to the door that leads to the Hot Spring of Eternal Comfort!”

“Okay,” the Hall Guardian slowly replied. It just did its job without considering the intentions of its clients. Doing its job was the only thing on its mind.

Immediately, Jack and the Hall Guardian teleported to a door that looked identical to all the other doors in the hall.

“Here is the door to that leads to the Hot Spring of Eternal Comfort,” the Hall Guardian said monotonously, as if it were a programmed robot. “Thank you, and have a nice day.”

The Hall Guardian then disappeared, leaving the despairing Jack alone.

“This is my only hope,” Jack said to himself. He then reached for the doorknob, but before he could touch it…


One of Jack’s best friends, Johnny, entered from the door behind Jack.


“Jack, don’t go there! You’ll regret it!” Johnny shouted.

“But Johnny…why should I stay in a world where we dimensional travelers are discriminated? I don’t want to live a boring life like the Hall Guardian here!”

“Jack, just open the door, and you’ll see why,” Johnny replied with a serious face.


And then Jack, opened the door, revealing a hot spring filled with floating corpses of various dimensional travelers.


Jack merely stared at the sight in front of him. The hot spring might have looked good if there weren’t any corpses there. Immediately, Jack shut the door and turned to Johnny.

“It’s…horrible,” Jack said. “What do I do now, Johnny?”

“Don’t worry, Jack,” Johnny said with a smile. “There’s this world we forgotten dimensional travelers can live in without worrying about being forgotten. Hall Guardian!”


“Lead us to the door that leads to the Illusionary Fantasy Land!”


The three of them then teleported to another door.

“Here is the door that leads to the Illusionary Fantasy Land. Thank you, and have a nice day.”

The Hall Guardian then disappeared again. Johnny immediately opened the door, revealing a shining light that awed Jack.

“Beautiful…” Jack said, even though he could only see shining light coming out from the door. “What is that place?”

“Come with us, Jack, and we’ll show you a beautiful world we dimensional travelers can all live in,” Johnny said.

At that instant, many doors in the hall opened, and various forgotten dimensional travelers like Jack and Johnny came out of the other doors. They all gathered to where Jack and Johnny were, eager to see what lied beyond the shining light coming out from the door that Johnny opened. As for Jack, he was inspired by the many number of dimensional travelers that were gathered around him and Johnny.

“You have made me see a new perspective, Johnny,” Jack said with an inspired smile and tears of joy. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Jack,” Johnny replied with a smile. “Now then, shall we go?”

“YEAH!” the dimensional travelers, including Jack, shouted in unison.

And so, they all entered the door, one by one, and went into the world where their strangeness was considered normal.

The Calm Earphones Boy

Once, there was a college student who liked listening to music. He often had earphones attached to his ears, earphones that were jacked into a portable music player that was hidden in his pocket whenever he was listening to music. He often had his earphones on, but takes them off whenever something requires his full attention, such as listening to lectures, or crossing the road.

One summer day, the city where his university was had a power outage, so the classrooms had to have their doors and windows open for ventilation. Most people were complaining about the summer heat, but some people, like the earphones boy, just tolerated the heat and focused on more important things.

During that summer day, the earphones boy was sitting inside a classroom, waiting with his classmates for their history professor to come. Thirty minutes had already passed since the beginning of the class period, and for an unknown reason, their professor still didn’t arrive. Like most classrooms that had no teacher to handle them, most of the students in the classroom eventually ended up chatting with each other. Normally, it would be tolerable, but…

…One of their history professor’s former teachers, a learned old man with low tolerance to noise, went to the classroom, wearing an irritated look on his face. This was the second time this professor got irritated by their noise.

“I’d be thankful if the power was back on, because I hate it when the doors and windows are open,” the irritated professor said. “Do you know why?”

Silence was the students’ response, as they wouldn’t speak when an angry teacher was ranting in front of them. Despite that, the professor answered his own question.

“It is because I can hear your chattering noise from my classroom, which is next to this room!” the professor shouted. “It has already been thirty minutes, and your professor hasn’t arrived yet, so you should just get out of this classroom already! Impolite miscreants! You’re not high school students anymore!”

And the irritated professor marched out of the classroom and returned to the class that he was handling.

As usual, most of the class whispered about the grumpy professor.

“He just marches in and screams at us? He doesn’t have the right to do that!”

“His apprentice hasn’t arrived yet, so why should he blame us?”

“He thinks he’s so high and mighty, huh?”

There were also some people who just kept quiet and didn’t let themselves feel angry at the irritated professor. One of them was the earphones boy. While the irritated professor was ranting, the earphones boy took off one earphone to listen to what the professor was saying. After the professor finished ranting, the earphones boy put back the earphone again to finish listening to the song that he was listening to.

“Command: Shut up. Simple as that,” the earphones boy calmly thought after the irritated professor went out of the room. “No need to feel so angry at the old man. Each and every one of us has different levels of tolerance. And there’s no need for me to care about some of my classmates’ comments, because those are their opinions, not mine. Good thing I have my music to divert my attention to after that. Just receive the message, and filter out the angry comments.”

A few minutes later, everyone else started standing up and left the classroom. The earphones boy then put his earphones and music player into his bag. Then, he calmly went out of the classroom.

“Well, looks like I’ll have to do some homework while I wait for my next class,” the boy thought to himself as he walked.

And so, the earphones boy calmly went on with his day, focusing on the more important stuff.

The Inevitable Revealing of Tobby’s Identity


…And I have also revealed my face.

I think the truth being revealed is inevitable. So yeah, there’s me in the video up there. Even if I try and hide my face over and over again, drawing attention to myself eventually leads to me getting exposed.

Anyway, I made that video after being inspired by surviving a difficult situation I experienced today. Said difficult situation is speaking in front of an audience. I’m not good at public speaking, you know. I remember those times during high school…those times when I had to go in front of the class and do presentations. My mother told me that public speaking is a skill that I have to learn for work. Well, she has a point. I’ll have to speak up to an audience, be it a group of workmates that wants to hear some ideas in a meeting, a gigantic crowd that wants to hear a performance in a concert, or a bunch of big personalities who want to hear an acceptance speech when I get an award (someday).

Alright, why am I trying to hide the fact that I’m a college student? That whole “speaking in front of an audience” I had today was a creative report on postmodernism, and it was a group report, too. Even if I hide or show my identity, I’ll still receive love and hate, just like everyone else. I’ll just have to receive opinions and decide which opinions will influence me. I’ll still keep on airing my opinions, but I won’t force my opinions on others. I can’t change others, but I can change myself. I can’t change others, but I can influence them to choose to change.

And so, here starts the inevitable revealing of Tobby’s identity. Now that it has started, let me say something:


Tobby the Story-Lover (Writer Side)

Here is the other side of Tobby the story-lover.

As much as I love reading stories, I love writing stories, too. I try to do my best when I write. In the past, I got too full of myself and ended up creating a character blog for the sake of becoming famous. In the end, it became one boring burden for me. Now, after some help from certain people in my life, I’m here after realizing that since I love writing, I should just keep doing my best in writing and have fun doing it. As I do that, I set my aim on creating stories that can draw the attention of many. Right now, I guess I have a long way to go, but I’ll just have to work hard, then.

Now, time to tell you people my reasons as to why I love writing stories.

Reason No. 1: Writing stories makes me connect with other people.

Stories are meant to be read. And every story contains the imprint of its creator, as I have said in the Reader Side. Whenever I write a story, I always have this desire to show it to someone after I make it. Why would I write a story and then not have someone read it? If I did that, then the story that I wrote should just head to the dumpster. I write so that there may be someone who will read it. I write so that I can socialize with others. Yes, writing is one way of socialization.

Reason No. 2: Writing stories makes me show who I am.

It’s always bound to happen when I write a story. I can’t hide myself when I write. Within the words that I write, there lies pieces of myself, shown to the readers that lay their eyes on them. My imprint is in my stories, and it will always be seen. It’s fun if there are people who can relate to me, too, since it leads to more socialization. When we open up and be honest, others open up, and then we can connect. Fun, isn’t it?

Reason No. 3: Writing stories makes me influence others and start change in society.

In my stories is my imprint, and a creator’s imprint always tries to influence readers. There are people who let themselves be influenced, and there are those who don’t. Even with that, I still try to spread my views through my stories as I have fun writing and sharing them. There are things that I want to change in society, and writing stories is my favorite way of starting change in society.

And these are my reasons as to why I love writing stories. If you love writing stories, leave a comment in the comments section if you have other reasons as to why you love writing stories.

And now, here’s a friendly reminder:

Do your best, and have fun.

Tobby the Story-Lover (Reader Side)

Hello. I am Tobby, a story-lover. Today, we shall explore why I love reading stories. Who knows, we may have similar reasons as to why we love reading stories, if you are love reading stories, that is, dear reader.

Reason No. 1: Stories send me on journeys to other worlds.

When I watch a television show or a movie, the story is portrayed to me as another world being shown on the television screen. When I read a manga or a comic book, the pages show me illustrated moments, and they leave me to imagine how it would be like if it were animated and voiced. When I read a novel, a poem, a short story, or any other printed form of story, I dive into a blank world, and with my mind, I recreate the text that I am reading in the blank world that I dived into. When I listen to a story-telling song, my mind works like when I read printed stories, but the range of possible images that can be imagined is wider, and then there’s the music to help me imagine more. Whatever the medium used to tell a story, stories always send me on journeys. When I want remember the stories that I like, I pause and replay the moments in my mind, like watching a movie, with my mind’s eye as the television. When I read more stories, I discover more worlds, and the significant events in those worlds are all stored in my mind, ready for recalling if I ever want to recall them.

Reason No. 2: Stories can make me feel like I’m the characters as I imagine what they feel, think, say, and do.

As I go through a story, I try to picture myself as if I were one of the characters, experiencing events like we do in reality. In the story world, I can jump from character to character, imagining what they are experiencing. I can even look at them like I was just an observer, looking at them as a ghost that they will never notice, unless the author decides to break the fourth wall.

Reason No. 3: Stories can make me learn life lessons, and I can also see, relate, and reflect on the views of their creators, making me feel like I’m getting close to the creators.

Each story has an imprint of its creator. I can see their minds and their hearts, because the creators of stories can never fully hide the imprints that they always leave on their works. As I try to understand their imprints, I begin to learn life lessons, and I can also try to connect my mind and heart to the imprints and reflect on them. As I see their views, I can decide whether I let myself be influenced by their imprints or not. I’m given a choice to change myself every time I read a story and reflect on the imprint that its creator left. When I connect myself to an imprint, it makes me feel like I’m getting close to the creator. It’s like I’m socializing with the creator, but only through the story.

Reason No. 4: Stories can make me feel experiences that I cannot experience in reality, and I can also have my wishes fulfilled in the stories through my imagination.

Having unfulfilled wishes fulfilled in the story world is what makes me feel better when I read a story. If I cannot experience a story situation in reality, I can simply imagine it in my mind, and I feel like I’m already witnessing or experiencing it, even if nothing much changes in the reality around me.

Reason No. 5: Stories can be remembered again and again for inspiration.

If I found a story to be notable enough for me, I can decide to remember it again to give myself inspiration. If ever things are going tough around me, I try to remember a good story, so that I can relax and calm down. I can also remember a good story in order to create ideas for my own stories. When something in reality reminds me of a story, my mind awakens. Stories can inspire me, and going through more and more stories makes me able to generate more and more ideas for my own stories.

Well, these are my reasons as to why I love reading stories. If you have other reasons as to why you love reading stories, if you love reading stories, that is, dear reader, then you can talk about it in the comments section.

Hmm…maybe I should talk about why I love writing stories next time…

Isn’t It Fun to have Story-Telling in Music, Tobby?

Today’s music…Ahh, today’s music. Most of today’s famous music…well, I don’t really care that much about most of the well-known songs I hear here in my country. I’d like the songs, as long as they tell interesting stories. Like the Kagerou Project. Boy, oh boy, the Kagerou Project. Now that is a fine example of excellent story-telling with music. Add up the excellently made music videos, and they. Are. Just. AMAZING. You wanna know what the Kagerou Project is? Well, I didn’t want to explain right now, but since I remembered that I promised myself to guide curious people carefully, well…Basically, the Kagerou Project (Heat-Haze Project in English) is a story revolving around a group of nine youths with eye powers, a.k.a. the Mekakushi Dan (Blindfold Gang in English). If you have any questions about the Kagerou Project, feel free to ask through the comments section, because I’ll be very happy to answer your questions about the Kagerou Project.

Anyway, story-telling in music…it makes me think, especially if the story is interesting. If I want a story-telling song that’s really great, the formula would be “catchy music + catchy lyrics + interesting story = great song.” Well, if the music and story are good enough, then the lyrics suddenly become catchy, I guess. Ah, whatever.

Well, as for liking of story-telling in music, it’s just a part of my passion for stories. I like reading interesting stories, and I like writing interesting stories. And isn’t it fun to have story-telling in music, Tobby?

Maybe I should talk about my passion for stories some other time.

Keep Calm, Tobby

You need to keep calm, Tobby. Seriously.

Hmm…I’ve been noticing in my past experiences that I’ve easily let my rage take control of me. It’s like I’m seeing “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” as something that’s right during those times.

Well, now, I think it would be better if I kept calm and thought before I acted.

I’ve also been noticing in my past experiences that I easily let myself panic and lose hope when faced with a difficult situation. It’s like everyone wants to make of fun of me when that happens in a situation where I’m in front of an audience.

Well, now, I think it would be better if I kept calm and thought about what I could do instead of being taken over by panic.

And still, even during these days, I still try to finish other people’s sentences. And at times, what I said was different from what they were going to say. I feel like I’m making them annoyed by my habit of finishing their sentences.

Well, now, I think it would be better if I kept calm, shut my mouth, and listened while others were talking to me.

And then, there’s my sexual perversion issues. I am not going to keep on talking about that.

Tobby, just keep calm and immediately go do something that can take off the perverted thoughts in your head.

And finally, there’s my Internet addiction issues. I’ve already talked about that more than once.

Well, now, I guess I should keep calm and get on to the more important work already.

Again, self-reminder: Keep calm, Tobby.

And to you people: Keep calm, people.

Focus on the More Important Stuff, Tobby!

Tobby, you have a lot of time to do things these days. You can use the computer longer, and it’s your own computer, too. You can all have fun in the Internet and all that, you know.

But still, please focus on the more important stuff, Tobby!

Yeah, I really needed a self-reminder there. I have stuff I need to do, yet I procrastinate here in the Net. Why use the excuse “I’m really bored” when the issue is actually “I’m hooked up on the Net and the computer again.”

I’ve been a victim of Internet addiction. I don’t know when you really call it full-blown Internet Addiction Disorder, but I’ve had bad experiences caused by my addiction to the Net and to the computer. Mostly, it was delusions and perverted sexual thoughts. And wasted time, too.

I do like using the computer and being on the Net a lot, but I just need self-control. Good thing I’ve sought help for this thing, and I’m improving.

I just need to control myself better, though.





in a spider web…

Which is why I need help from others. So, Internet addicts, if you feel like your lives are becoming ruined because of your Internet addiction, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As long as you keep your focus on improvement and on the more important things that you want to accomplish, you’ll definitely improve.

Now then, focus on the more important stuff, Tobby!