Wake Up from the Illusion and Focus

“Dude, what are you looking at there?”

A boy, while looking at questionable stuff on the Internet through his computer, suddenly heard his chair talk.

“Are you talking to me, chair?” the boy asked.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you,” the chair replied. “Oh, you know what, I’ll just ask the table. Table, what’s he looking at there on his computer?”

“He’s looking at really pervy stuff,” the table immediately replied.

“What? Hey!” the boy exclaimed to the table.

“Dude, we’re trying our best to make you focus on your work already,” the chair said with seriousness. “Don’t make this harder for us, and most of all, don’t make this harder for yourself.”

“You wanted to finish the important work that you need to finish, right?” the table asked. “Focus and go finish it already!”

“Dude, I’ve been in your ears for like more than an hour already,” the boy’s music player told him. “Just play the music already and focus!”

“And stop lying on me just to jerk off and stain me with your fluids!” the bed said to the boy. “Look, even your shorts are now complaining!”

“Yeah!” said the boy’s shorts. “Your freaking waste of fluids stink! Stop wasting such juices on me! The other shorts and I already want to go on strike because of that filthy habit of yours!”

Suddenly, the door to the boy’s room opened, and in burst a basket of dirty shorts.


Seeing all this weirdness occurring around him, he then realized something.


He was having a nightmare.

And then he woke up after he realized that fact.

He woke up with a sweating body and a racing heart. He was breathing fearfully as he was looking up to the ceiling of his bedroom.

“I should really stop being a procrastinator and a pervert,” the boy then said to himself.

With that, he began his difficult journey on the road to become a better person.

Go Do Something Productive, Tobby

I’m here, sitting on my chair, while I write this and go back to Tumblr and scroll down my dashboard, and also while checking Twitter updates now and then.

The YouTube videos, or maybe my Internet connection, seems to get slower during the evening.

With the slower speed of the Internet, I should be focusing on more productive stuff rather than having my attention divided by slow-loading Web stuff.

It’s a good thing Mr. Chair and Mr. Table are making me more focused. I should really do some work that I could have finished quicker if I had focused on them.

Maybe I should not log into Tumblr for like a day or something…Well, I guess my incoming school days are going to limit my Tumblr scrolling time and my YouTube viewing time (and maybe my blogging frequency) again, so I guess that should make me more focused on the more important stuff.

Mr. Chair and Mr. Table: “Go do something productive already, Tobby!”

Alright, alright, Mr. Chair and Mr. Table. I should be focusing more.

I should take a break from Tumblr and YouTube for a while…and I should focus on preparing for the next semester, and I should also focus on certain writings that I must finish…

Well, go do something productive already, Tobby!

When You’re Gonna Use Your Computer, Sit on a Chair and Put Your Computer on a Table, Tobby

My computer is a notebook. And most of the time, I use it while lying down slouched on a bed or on a couch.

I feel like I’m more susceptible to laziness, Internet addiction, and pervy thoughts that way, so I’m trying to spend more time with my butt on a chair and my computer on a table. My laziness and Internet addiction are still issues even when seated, though…

Anyway, while I’m sitting on a chair while using my computer on a table today, I feel more focused and relaxed…Kinda like the Metal Gear series’s Solid Snake and his feelings towards the cardboard box.

Maybe I should make friends with it and call it “Mr. Chair” like PewDiePie calls the chairs he encounters in his Let’s Plays. Yeah, I should make friends with the chair. I am so weird again. Oh yes.

Man, I’m feeling the inspiration right now. I shouldn’t be slouched on a bed or on a couch. I should be on a chair while my computer should be on a table while I use it.

And then there’s my time management. I’m still having issues with it. I don’t have classes yet, and I’ve mostly been spending time on the Internet. I should really set time for doing chores like walking the dogs or watering the plants. And I should set some time for nap time, too. Of course, I should limit my time when it comes to using the Internet. And I shouldn’t forget to update my blog daily.

Thank you, Mr. Chair and Mr. Table. You’ve made me more relaxed and focused today.

Now then, I shall be going on a break from using my computer, and take a nap while I do so, since I’ve been hurting my health by not sleeping enough during the past days.

And of course, a self-reminder:

When you’re gonna use your computer, sit on a chair and put your computer on a table, Tobby.

The Implacable Peacemaker

“He’s here!”

“The Implacable Destroyer is here!”

“We have to stop him!”

Soldiers were running here and there, preparing to defend against the red-garbed one-man army that was running towards the gate of the capital city of the Kingdom of Breeze. The one-man army came from the Kingdom of Ember, which has been the longtime enemy of Breeze because of a territorial dispute that occurred hundreds of years ago. Now, after periods of war and peace, they are now at war again, because of a murder involving an enraged Breezian who killed a prince of the Emberian royal family that occurred because of an exchange of racial insults.

As for the old king of Breeze, he silently and seriously stared at the battlefield through the window of his castle, while the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards stood by him, ready to stop anyone that would attack the old Breezian king. Upon hearing that the Implacable Destroyer of Ember had been sighted, the old king of Breeze issued the order to eliminate him at all costs. Now, the old king waited and wished for the Implacable Destroyer’s defeat, as if they could defeat the Implacable Destroyer, Ember’s military would surely be affected.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the Implacable Destroyer had destroyed the gate and entered the capital city. He had strength that was the stuff of legends, although the reason for him being the Implacable Destroyer was that he was very quick on his feet, and that he had great skill with explosives. In fact, he entered the capital city by blowing up the gate with a thrown bomb, and strangely, he didn’t kill any soldiers in the process of breaking in.


“Don’t stop firing at him!”

“We must stop him at all costs!”

The archers and the gunners started firing at him, while the foot soldiers and the cavalry began to keep him from moving forward.

As for the Implacable Destroyer, he calmly continued dodging and running, and then he dropped a bomb on the ground before jumping over them.


The bomb exploded, and the first wave of foot soldiers and the cavalry were held back by the explosion.

“A smoke bomb?” asked one of the foot soldiers.

The bomb, which was actually a smoke bomb, scattered smoke at a very wide area, reducing the area’s visibility.


More smoke bombs exploded, and the smoke continued to limit the Breezian military’s ability to attack.

“Where is he?”

“There he is! He’s heading for the castle!”

“Get him! Don’t let him reach the king!”

The Implacable Destroyer was now heading for the castle, and then he blew up the gate with a bomb while dodging the guards’ attacks.

Now, the Implacable Destroyer was dodging and running while dropping and blowing up smoke bombs to hold back his attackers.  He eventually reached the room where the king was, which made the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards go into their battle stances.

“Stop and surrender, or we shall end you here and now!” the bodyguards said in unison.

The Implacable Destroyer silently stood, and then he took out an envelope, causing the bodyguards to point their weapons at him more dangerously.

“Don’t move!” the archer of the bodyguards said.

“I have a letter for your king,” the Implacable destroyer said, pointing the envelope at the old king of Breeze. “The king of Ember would like to talk with him about a peace treaty.”

“Prove to us that you’re worth trusting, first, Emberian scum!” the swordsman of the bodyguards said.

“I won’t move, then. But I’ll still hold this message out to your king,” the Implacable Destroyer calmly replied.

“Do you have a death wish or something?” asked the lancer of the bodyguards. “We don’t trust you Emberians enough, you know. History shows that you’re scum, and you can’t change history.”

“History can’t be changed, but we can still choose to change ourselves for the better anywhere and anytime we want,” replied the Implacable Destroyer.

“Then if you want to prove that you’re worthy of our trust, take a bullet from me, first,” said the gunner of the group.

“Alright. I accept,” the Implacable Destroyer said, still calm.

The Implacable Destroyer still stood, holding out the envelope that held the Emberian king’s message.

Seconds passed, and then…


As for the sharpshooter of the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards, he had fired a shot, but it narrowly missed the Implacable Destroyer.

“Why did you not kill him?” the swordsman shouted at the gunner, enraged at the gunner’s “missed shot.”

“He just faced a shot from me, Breeze’s top sharpshooter, without any sign of fear,” said the gunner. “He doesn’t seem to have any intention of attacking us, unless one of us decides to attack him with full force.”

“But he’s an Emberian!” shouted the lancer. “He can’t be trusted!”

“I’ve had enough of that racist crap,” said the gunner. “I’d say that we should just go for a peace treaty instead.”

“Damn it!” the swordsman said, delivering a punch to the gunner’s face, to which the gunner took it calmly.

“You!” the swordsman shouted to the archer. “Shoot him and kill him already!”

The archer only replied with silence, but he immediately faced the Implacable Destroyer and readied his bow and arrow to attack. The Implacable Destroyer still stood, unfazed by the threat that was posed to him.

Then, the archer shot, and he “narrowly missed” the Implacable Destroyer again, only grazing off a small amount of his hair.

“I’m tired of this, too,” said the archer. “This tiring war would have never happened if we tried to be more friendly with the Breezians.”

“DAMN IT!” shouted the swordsman, who had now broken into a violent rage.

“WE’LL FINISH YOU, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” shouted the lancer.

“Stop right now!” shouted the king.

The bodyguards stopped and faced the old king of Breeze. The swordsman and the lancer stopped, although they were shaking as they did so, even dropping their weapons in an attempt to show their undying loyalty to their king.

“Let him hand the letter to me. Now,” said the king of Breeze, in a serious tone of voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the bodyguards shouted in unison, bowing down and leaving their weapons at a distance from them on the ground. The calm Implacable Destroyer advanced, while the swordsman and the lancer were shaking with worry and rage as they watched the infamous but calm Emberian approach their king.

The king of Breeze took the letter from the Implacable Destroyer, and then the Emberian said with a kneel and a bow:

“Thank you, Your Majesty. This what I only came for. I, a figure of great infamy in your kingdom, was sent here to test your trust in us and to see if your desire for friendship is strong. You strongly wish for peace, which is also what the king of Ember wishes, but it seems there is someone who wants to keep this feud going for their own selfish interests.”

“But why…why did your kingdom’s soldiers attack us?” the Breezian king asked.

“Our military has proof that a traitor among the Emberian forces instigated the initial attack at your kingdom, Your Majesty. This matter shall be discussed at the upcoming meeting stated in the Emberian king’s letter to you.”

“Is that so…I shall be reading it later, then. I’ll have the archer and the gunner escort you outside, as the other soldiers still consider you a threat. I shall talk to these other two first.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” the Implacable Destroyer said, and then he was escorted out of the room.

“Even I’m getting tired of being called the ‘Implacable Destroyer,'” he said to himself as he greeted by fearful responses from the other Breezian soldiers. Despite all those fearful responses that he was receiving, the implacable Emberian soldier thought to himself:

“Still, I hope that our kingdoms may reconcile and form a strong friendship.”


Having Fun with the Kagerou Project Fandom, Tobby?

Oh yes I am.

I’m having so much fun with the Kagerou Project.

And I’m even having so much fun with the KagePro fandom, too.

Days ago, this meme was dominating the KagePro fandom in Tumblr:

kagebee project 2 kagebee project

And then just yesterday, this KagePro meme spawned and exploded in Tumblr:

may soda be eternal 2 may soda be eternal

The Kagerou Project…it’s a strange story about strange kids in a strange world…just like it’s fandom, and just like everyone and everything else (although some people won’t admit it.). It’s fun, really, when there’s someone else out there who appreciates something that you appreciate, too. Fandoms are that. They have fun with what they like so much, they even make mutations out of it. Friendships are even formed because of these fandoms. Amazing, isn’t it? I prefer making friends over making enemies, you know. Still, if there’s someone who doesn’t appreciate the KagePro fandom because they don’t like the series, they don’t like the craziness of the fandom, etc., then I would rather leave them alone. They like what they like, and they don’t like what they don’t like. I can’t control them, but I can only influence them. No need to worry about or get angry at such people. What matters is that I’m having fun with KagePro, and that my fellow KagePro fans are having fun with KagePro.

Hmm…I feel like I really belong in the KagePro fandom now. Yesterday was such a fun time, fellow KagePro fans. We had Shintaro and the forces of soda dominate the KagePro fandom on Tumblr.

Well, in fandoms, there are bound to be outsiders or newcomers who go “What in the freaking world?” when they see craziness or unclear stuff in the fandoms or in the stories that the fandoms appreciate. Well, I think we should just guide them properly. If they don’t end up being interested, then let’s leave them be, because lecturing them about the greatness of KagePro would only be useless to someone who isn’t interested in or doesn’t want to be involved in it. If they do end up being interested, then that’s great, because we have a new friend, and friendships are fun, you know. Friendship for the win, people!

Anyway, thanks for the fun, Kagerou Project and the KagePro fandom.

Oh, and I have a question for my fellow KagePro fans:

Having fun with the Kagerou Project, KagePro fandom?


Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Alchemist

A long time ago (during my final year of high school, I think…or maybe a year before that), I became interested in Paulo Coelho’s books. Yeah, that Paulo Coelho. That famous Brazilian novelist who is one of the most widely read authors in the world. I thank a certain high school English teacher of mine for introducing me to him and his books.

Well, I’ve only read and finished one of his many famous books, though. And that book is the one that I’ll be recommending to you people today.

The Alchemist. A story that teaches us readers about the importance of listening to our hearts as we go on with life, learning to read omens that we encounter in life, and most of all, following our dreams that we wish to fulfill in life. It is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago, who dreams of traveling in search of treasure. For those who are interested, I would like you people to read the story for yourselves. Even if I was stuck midway in the novel for a long time because of lack of interest, it still amazed me when I continued and finished reading it yesterday. I especially recommend this book to people who fear failure or feel unworthy in fulfilling their dreams. And I also recommend this to everyone, because we’re all dreamers. Each one of us has a dream in life that we want to fulfill, you know.

If you’re interested, why not give “The Alchemist” a read?

Two Badass Cops and Two Explosions




Breaking down the door side by side with their powerful feet, Badass Cop One and Badass Cop Two pointed their guns at a bunch of sharp-dressed gangsters who were busy with interrogating and torturing a kidnapped businessman. Among the gangsters was the gang leader, and he faced the Badass Cops with a really cocky smirk.

“You think you two are so badass, huh?” the gang leader asked. “What, are you the only guys here?”

“Our team has secured the perimeter, and you’ve got nowhere to run,” Badass Cop One calmly said.

“We ain’t  gonna be late like some stupid movie cops! Now surrender, or we’ll have to kick your ass so hard, you won’t be able to poop!” Badass Cop Two confidently shouted.

The gang leader’s smirk widened upon hearing the replies of the two Badass Cops. He then reached for his coat pocket, to which the two Badass Cops cocked their guns at him.

“Don’t think we’re stupid enough to let you take a weapon,” Badass Cop One warned.

The gang leader, still smirking, stopped and took out his gloved hand. “Well, that’s smart.” He raised his hand, and with a loud snap of his fingers…


A bomb, which was outside and by the window, exploded. Badass Cop One managed to duck out of the room quickly, but as for Badass Cop Two…


“Are you okay, man?” Badass Cop One asked.


Without hesitation, Badass Cop One went for the gangsters who were trying to escape through the big hole in the room, and he fired shots at them as they tried to escape. He only managed to shoot one gangster, as the rest were pretty agile in running away.

“Damn, we didn’t expect this!” Badass Cop One said, and then he took out his transceiver and called his team.

“Team, they’re escaping through the back alley! Get them!”

Then, he went out of the room and commanded to the other policemen on standby:

“Go after the gangsters! I’ll deal with the one that I shot!”

“Yes, sir!”

The other cops then left, and Badass Cop One went to Badass Cop Two, giving him a thumbs-up and a questioning look. Badass Cop Two responded with a nod and a thumbs-up. Badass Cop One then tapped Two’s shoulder, and then One signed that he was going to go after a gangster that he had just shot, and he also signed to Two that he should stay there and wait, since his hearing impairment can make things more difficult. Badass Cop Two immediately agreed, and then One started running down the building.

Badass Cop One reached the wounded gangster, and then he pointed his gun at him.

“Freeze! Hands in the air!”

The wounded gangster followed immediately with fear.

“Where are they going?” Badass Cop One asked.

“I’m not telling you, and I’ll keep that secret with me anywhere, even to the grave!”

The wounded gangster then took out a gun, and then he pointed it at his own head.

“Oh no, I won’t–”

Unfortunately, Badass Cop One’s reaction was too slow. Before he could pull the trigger, the wounded gangster had outdid him in terms of reaction time.


And then…


Badass Cop One managed to step back a bit, but he was still knocked down hard by the blast. Because of that, he found it hard to move, so he struggled in standing up and following his team.

While Badass Cop One struggled, a fellow police officer who was running behind the rest of the team had found him.

“Sir, are you okay?” the lagging policeman asked. “I heard another explosion nearby. What happened?”

“WHAT?” Badass Cop One shouted.

“What happened, sir?” the lagging policeman replied with a louder voice.


“Oh boy. Now this is a problem.”

On that day, the two Badass Cops learned a lesson. On a piece of paper, signed by the two of them in remembrance of that day, they wrote:

“Standing near explosions and surviving them may be badass, but getting your hearing killed is damn stupid. –The Two Stupid Badass Cops”

You Need More Sleep, Tobby

Well, my few weeks of semestral break has already begun, and I’m beginning to find it a bit difficult to wring my brain out for writing ideas. These past days, when I’m seated in public transportation, I’m pretty prone to getting drowsy. I’ve been having microsleep episodes while riding a bus, too, and it’s been worrying me. It’s definitely the lack of sleep that I’ve been having for a long period of time. I’ve been up really late using the computer, too, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately. In addition to the health degradation that I’ve been inflicting on myself, there’s also the time-wasting and lust-building that I’ve been doing while using the computer really late at night. I should really stop myself from increasing the difficulty in solving my sexual perversion issues…

Well, I guess I should keep this brief and take a break from the computer.

Self-reminder: You need more sleep, Tobby.

A Girl’s Breakup With Her Nice But Perverted Boyfriend

“Ota, I have to be honest with you now.”

Ota and his girlfriend, Shou, were at the park where Ota confessed his love to Shou. It was a cold and windy winter night, and Ota could sense a heavy atmosphere from his girlfriend’s serious tone and expression.

“What is it…Shou?” Ota asked with a brief pause of nervousness.

“I don’t think this relationship won’t be good for both of us anymore. Especially for you.”

Ota had heard that clearly. He didn’t want to make Shou repeat herself. Somewhere inside him, he knew that this was bound to happen.

Now, he wanted to confirm if her reason for asking a breakup was the same as his guess.

“Why…Why do you want to break up, Shou?” Ota asked again, still with a brief pause of nervousness.

“It’s about your habits, Ota,” Shou said, now looking straight into Ota’s eyes. “To be more specific, a certain secret habit of yours…It shows that you’re not right for me.”

“Just as I thought…” Ota thought to himself with a bittersweet smile. “I’m happy that she’s honest with me.”

“Go on, Shou…” Ota meekly told his girlfriend.

“I found one of your photos of me in the living room of your house. It smelled really strange. I was scared that you may have been doing something that I hated so much, I decided to enter your room without your permission…and…I’m sorry…”

“She doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, huh…” Ota thought to himself again, and he now began to look down as he smiled in silence, but immediately stopped himself and decided to look at her straight in the eye .

“No, don’t stop yourself, Shou,” Ota said, ready to accept Shou’s honesty. That was one thing that he liked about Shou. She was honest, and she was even blunt with her words when she felt the need to do so. Shou had never known about Ota’s secret habits up until now, and her hesitation was no surprise for Ota.

“Alright then, Ota…” Shou said, and then she made her expression and tone even more serious. “I found your stash of photos of me, hidden along with photos of your favorite 2-D girls. It was a pile of photos which had the ugly stench of your perverted juices. I couldn’t believe it. We’re you really doing…that…to the photos?”

It was a question that pierced Ota, but he would rather be an honest person, so he answered:

“Yes. I was doing…that…to the photos. And to other things, like my stuffed toys with photos, and my figurines on the display cases.”

Upon hearing Ota’s answer, Shou’s expression turned sour. A few seconds later, tears began to stream out of her eyes, and then…


It was a surprise, yes, but Ota didn’t retaliate, nor did she get angry at Shou. He took her slap calmly, as he knew that Shou hated perverted men like him.

As for Shou, she was crying, but she took a deep breath and said:

“Ota…do you know why I hate perverted men like you?”

Ota knew…but he wanted to learn his lesson by listening to her explanation again.

“Tell me. Tell me again, Shou. I want to learn my lesson…” Ota said, feeling tears come out of his eyes as guilt started to build up inside him.


Shou looked at Ota with an angry expression, but then she took a deep breath again, and slowly told him:

“Women are not toys for a man’s pleasure, Ota. I don’t think love is all about sex. To be honest, I dislike sex being treated as some form of entertainment. Society can go say that they hate me, but sex is for procreation, and it’s for married people only, too. Treating the opposite sex as if they were your tools for the fulfillment of your sexual lust…it’s sick…and I hate it. Even if you’ve been nice to me, and even if you’re a funny fanboy, the fact that you look at me like that, and the fact that you look at fictional women like that…I don’t think it’s healthy. I don’t want to live with the fear that my boyfriend could push me down and take advantage of me the moment we’re all alone, just because he let his own lust take over his reasoning. Sexual desire…that’s not love. It’s only a chemical reaction going on in your brain. Caring for someone without expecting anything in return…Dedicating yourself to her for the rest of your life…Facing the challenges of life together…If you want to have a good romantic relationship, and then eventually get married, then you better be ready to do those things, because that’s what you really need to do, if you really wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with me, Ota? Do you really love me, Ota?”

As tears streamed out of Ota’s eyes, he could feel something crumbling inside him. He did love Shou, but now, he started doubting that. “I feel like I’ve been looking at her like she was a handsome lady for me to drool on,” Ota thought to himself. “I have love for her…but every time I see her…I focus on her body…I guess I’ve let myself be taken over by my lust…I love her…but I guess I confused lust with love.”

“I guess…I need to deal with these sexual issues of mine, first, Shou,” Ota said with a teary smile. “It’s alright. I’m okay with breaking up with you.”

“Then…” Shou said, turning her back to Ota, “I hope you’ll become better, and I hope that…you’ll find someone better than this annoying and blunt me.’

“Thanks…” Ota replied. “I also hope you’ll find someone better than this disgusting and perverted me.”


After Ota’s reply, the broken-up couple stood still in the cold and windy park.

“I’ll be going now, Shou,” Ota said as he started to turn around. “Goodbye…Shou.”

As Ota started to leave…

“Ota, wait!”

“Yes, Shou?” Ota asked, turning around to face Shou again.

“I…If we can’t find someone better than each other…maybe we can get back together again, Ota?” Shou said while trying to smile.

Ota smiled.

“Sure, Shou. Let’s improve ourselves…and maybe…we can get back together. I had such fun times…being the boyfriend of a very blunt and honest girl.”

Shou’s face brightened at Ota’s response.

“Me too…I had fun times…being the girlfriend of a very weird and artistic boy.”

“Goodbye then, Shou.”

“Goodbye, Ota.”

And so, the two turned around, leaving to improve themselves.


Kicking Out a Very Valuable Robot


“Captain Pilot, what in the world is this thing?”

After Private Pilot went to the restroom, he found a robot that was cleaning up the passenger plane which only contained the two pilots. Private Pilot became very curious about the robot, as he had never seen such a robot that looked like a rusty piece of scrap.

“That’s the cleaning robot!” Captain Pilot replied with a shout as he was flying the plane. “Inventor friend of mine put it here for a test run!”

“But it looks like scrap!” Private Pilot replied with a shout.

“That inventor friend of mine has a thing for old, rusted things! Haven’t asked her why, though, but I don’t mind it!”

“So…is there anything else that this robot can do?”

“Why not ask it? My inventor friend told me that it can answer certain questions!”


And then Private Pilot turned to the robot.

“What can you do aside from cleaning, robot?”


“Huh, that’s amazing,” Private Pilot said while nodding. “But why put such amazing programming into a…uh, let me be honest…a body of rusted scrap?”


“Hm. Well, I’ll ask her why she finds rust attractive some other time…” Private Pilot whispered to himself.


Private Pilot already had something in mind. Since he was bored with just sitting around with his very skilled senior pilot and since he found rusty metal to be annoying, he decided to give himself a little entertainment and relief.

“Come here, robot. Uhh…I’d like to see how well you can fly,” Private Pilot said, opening the door that led to the outside of the plane, while the robot went near the Private.

As for Captain Pilot, he had heard the opening of the plane’s door.

“Private, did you open the door?”

“Just for a moment, Captain! I’m trying to test something!”

“Well, don’t fall off!”

“Alright! Hiyah!”

With a clank, Private Pilot’s foot struck the robot, which made it fly out of the plane very quickly.

“Ow…for a rusty robot, it’s a tough thing…” Private Pilot said as he had one hand holding the doorway, and one hand rubbing his foot.

The robot became a little dot in the clouds as it fell, and then it disappeared from Private Pilot’s sight.

“Was that robot really serious?” Private Pilot asked himself doubtfully.

“Private! What happened? I heard something metal getting hit!”

“I kicked the robot out! I’m trying to see it’s flying abilities!”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t get broken!”


“What in the world was that, Private?”

“What in the world…?” Private Pilot said as he saw the now-returned robot which had landed by smashing into a pair of seats. “That was fast. I never saw you coming. I thought you were gone for real, too.”


“Well…I guess we can get along then, huh?”


“Uh…I thought I was a boss?”


“Oh. Oh well. Gotta close the door, first.”

And Private Pilot closed the door. Then, he shouted to Captain Pilot:

“I’ll be hanging around with this robot! You can hold your own there, right?”

“Sure!” Captain Pilot immediately replied.

“Alright then,” Private Pilot said. “I’d like to know more about you, robot. Even if you look like a piece of rusty scrap, you look valuable.”


And so, Private Pilot had a worthwhile time with the robot for the rest of the flight.