The Bored Ghost of Obscurity

In a certain abandoned house, there resided a perpetually bored ghost that wandered around the place, satisfying himself by observing the people that sneak into the house and occasionally reading an old, dusty book from the old, dusty shelves.

“Why am I still a ghost?” he asked himself again. He had asked himself that in the past many times as a ghost, but he still couldn’t remember how he died, or why he became a ghost. Aside from those thoughts, he didn’t want to leave the house, he felt bored, and he wanted entertainment. Still, he wished to remain obscure. He didn’t want anyone noticing him, as it would be annoying if they freak out over him. Even though he was aware of those feelings and preferences, he still couldn’t remember who he really was while he was still alive.

Anyway, he was a ghost who resided in a certain abandoned house for a very long time. He already forgot how long has it been since he had died, and satisfying his boredom while keeping himself obscure was what only mattered to him.

As for his recent adventures while inside his house, he had watched kids play hide and seek in his house, watched high school students try and fail in confirming the rumors about his presence in the house, and scared off a high school boy who was hiding in the house to read and jerk off to some pornographic magazine which the ghost threw away because he had no interest in such things.

“I’m bored,” the ghost said to himself as usual. There was no day when he didn’t say that, and he would sigh and read another old, dusty book when no one comes to his house. To increase the chances of having visitors in his house, during the night, he would hit the old, rusty utensils in the ktichen, play some noise on the old, rusty piano,  or in short, he would make noise inside the house every night to attract attention.

Again, the bored ghost of obscurity waited. Every night, he made noise. He had done this a lot, and everyone who came to visit always ended up thinking that the rumors about the ghost and the house were false, because the ghost would always make himself obscure while observing the people who visited the house.

“I wonder who will kill my boredom?” the ghost said, asking himself the same question that he would ask every time that he would stay on the front porch, waiting for someone to come and visit the house.

“Well, back to the old, dusty books again, I guess,” he said to himself after getting tired of waiting on the front porch.

It was another boring day for the bored ghost of obscurity. Despite the boredom, he was still thinking about whether he should make himself more noticeable and try to make friends with the visitors or just ignore them and keep on making himself obscure as usual. Well, since he was bored, he stuck with the latter again…but he suddenly changed his mind.

“I guess I should make friends,” the ghost said to himself. “I should try being friendly to the next visitor, then.”

And so, he went back to the front porch again to wait for his next visitor.

Now, the bored ghost of obscurity will not let the next opportunity pass him by.

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