You Can Only Change Yourself, Tobby

The video up there doesn’t make any sense, so I asked you people to put some sense into it. You can turn the blank, senseless gibberish that I call “bear-speak” into a story that makes sense through subtitles. You can turn it into something that you want. In the world of fiction, each of us is the controller of our respective worlds.

And this reminds me that I can only control myself.

I can’t change others. When there would be people who would say that I changed someone, I would say that I didn’t change that person, but I would say that they changed themselves, and that I only influenced them. I can ask others to change and influence them to change in many ways, but in the end, change is their choice. I can’t force them to change.

So, when there are people who would make fun of me, I would try to keep calm, since what they say is just their opinion. When there are people who would make fun of others, I would let the person being made fun of to deal with themselves, since they can only change themselves, and they can’t change the ones who are making fun of them. When people have negative opinions about other people or about other things, I would just leave them to speak their opinion, because I can’t change their views, and I can only change my views.

When you feel like your life is crappy, you can go fly into the world of fiction and create a world that you want, but remember that you are the only one who can change yourself. You can get help from others in changing yourself, but in the end, it’s you who’d changing yourself. Those other people only influence you. You don’t have the power to change others, but you have the power to influence others and the power to change yourself.

You’re the controller of yourself. When a piece of crap hits your face, it’s your choice whether you freak out and call it disgusting or keep calm and clean your face up. I can ask you to keep calm, but your next course of action is your call, not mine. If you feel like other people are forcing you to do something, it’s just you letting yourself be controlled by them. You’re the controller of yourself. Remember that.

And so, I have to remind myself again:

You can only change yourself, Tobby.


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