The Bored Boy’s Imaginary Escape

“Ow, hey, stop jumping around!” said his sister to their youngest brother.

“Would you like me to take the cellphone?” their mother asked the youngest brother.

“No,” the youngest brother immediately replied.

“Then stop jumping around,” their mother said.

“No,” the youngest brother stubbornly replied, and then he started moving around the car again, not even aware of how he was annoying his fellow family members in the car.

At the back, the eldest brother sat there, bored and annoyed that they were going to visit their grandparents again. It was usually like this: lots of stuff in the car, family members filling up the seats, his youngest brother moving around and making noise like nuts, tight spaces like the bedroom in their grandparents’ house and the inside of the car itself, the moving of heavy luggage, and a bunch if other annoying stuff that the eldest brother would rather not do and instead, stay at home with his computer and the Internet.

“I’d rather be in some fantastic adventure rather than an annoying trip like this,” the bored eldest brother thought to himself as he closed his eyes and sunk himself into his imagination.

He fell down through a portal that opened under him, and he woke up with a start when he landed on the ground. With a deadpan expression, the eldest brother said:

“Well, I’m now in the middle of a forest, which is in the middle of nowhere. I bet there’s some monster that’ll show up and try to attack me.”

An angry bear suddenly popped out from behind a tree in front of him. The eldest brother still wore the same deadpan expression.

“Now, I bet that there’ll be some badass lady who’ll slice this monster down,” he said in a bored tone. “It’s going to be so awesome that I’ll go ‘wow’ and thank her like crazy.”

And then…


A woman in knight’s armor jumped down from a nearby tree, striking down the angry bear with a powerful downward slice. Blood splattered out of the bear. Some of the blood stained the eldest brother’s face and clothes, but he still wore the same deadpan expression.

“Are you okay?” the woman in knight’s armor asked as she turned to the bored eldest brother.

“Not really. I’m freaking bored. Maybe you can entertain me?”


“Reality is freaking boring right now. I’m on another boring trip. May I ask for some entertainment from you?” the bored eldest brother asked with a really loud but deadpan tone.

The woman in knight’s armor had a completely unamused expression in response. Then…



The woman in knight’s armor delivered a forceful gut punch to the bored eldest brother.

As a result, the bored eldest brother opened his eyes back to reality, the annoying reality that he wanted to escape.

“Well, I’ll just have to put up with this,” he whispered to himself, accepting the reality before him, and then closing his eyes again, this time to sleep. He then hugged his favorite pillow that sat on his lap.

“Time to lull myself to sleep…by diving into my imagination…as usual…” the eldest brother thought to himself as he silently lulled himself to sleep. “I can spend my time in my imagination, but I should also face reality, too.”

As he lulled himself to sleep, he wore a smile on his face…but the events going on in his crazy imagination made it change into various expressions.

Eventually, his shifting face stopped moving around like nuts, as he had already arrived at the world of dreams.

And so, the eldest brother began another imaginary escape.


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