The Boy Who Hoped for an Interesting Conversation with his Old Grandfather

His paternal grandfather was lying on a bed in a hospital’s emergency room ward. The grandson stood by, thinking of something to talk about with his grandfather. Some moments later, the grandson tried to start a conversation.

“So, I took a philosophy subject during the past semester, Grandpa.”

“So…your brother’s gonna go to that college, since he passed the entrance exam, huh?”

But the grandfather’s reply didn’t go in line with the topic that the grandson wanted to talk about. “I guess  his age is getting to him already,” the grandson thought.

“Well, it depends on whether he passes the exam for the national university,” the grandson politely replied. “If he does, then he’ll be studying there with me.”

“Well, what about Robert?” the grandfather asked. “He’s okay with the university and course that he’s studying in?”

“I guess so. Business was the career that he wanted to take, as I remember.”

“Well…that’s good.”

With that, the grandfather closed his eyes again, seemingly trying to go to sleep. The grandson just stood there, moving his gaze towards the various medical equipment around him. He noticed that his grandfather had trouble with remembering things when he visited his house with his dad and sister that morning, and he also noticed that his grandfather was also having a hard time moving around. He went along with his dad, his sister, and his uncle to bring the grandfather to the hospital. The grandfather had a fever during that day, and he also fell into a fish pond and hit the back of his head during the previous day. Add his diabetes to the list, and that already sent the grandson’s dad’s concern meter really high, but not high enough to cause panic.

“Well, he’s really old already,” the grandson thought to himself again. “Death must be getting close, huh? Well, I guess that’s inevitable. I don’t really hate him, but a person has to die someday. I wanted to have an interesting conversation about college with my grandfather, but I guess I’ll have to do with this.”

But as the grandson thought that, he hesitated. “Well, his death is getting close. I may not be able to talk to him again, since our visits to his house are occasional. I may end up only wishing to have interesting conversations with him if he dies, just like with my paternal grandmother. Yeah…I wish I could have an interesting conversation with her again…and I wish I could have an interesting conversation with him…right now…Yeah…I should take the opportunity right now. Don’t give up, man.”

As he strengthened his resolve, the grandson decided to speak up to his paternal grandfather.

“Hey, Grandpa, I’d like to talk about something with you.”


One thought on “The Boy Who Hoped for an Interesting Conversation with his Old Grandfather

  1. mommynans says:

    Serve the people you care about with compassion so you won’t regret anything when they are gone. I admire the way you put yourself into your grandpa’s sick condition. He may not seem to notice your effort to update him about your life but that is probably his way to reach out for his grandchildren even in an unusual condition. Visiting him once in a while gives him the assurance that you are fine even without him asking you. Continue your effort, he may not say it but being around once in awhile is surely appreciated.

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