Stuck in the Pit of Failure

“Welcome to the Pit of Failure, boy!”

A mud-drenched boy was welcomed by a man in tattered cowboy clothes to a wide and deep pit that was made out of mud. Around them were people buried in mud, parts of their bodies sticking out above the mud.

“I hate this place,” said the mud-drenched boy with a deadpan expression.

“Well, ya’ll have to deal with it,” said the cowboy. “Everyone has to fall in here at least once, ya know. Don’t worry, ya can still get outta here.”

“What about you? Shouldn’t you be trying to get out of this place, too?”

“I gave up on life, and so I’m stuck here forever,” the cowboy said in a laid-back tone. “The only things I can do now are swim in the mud, cry like the rest of these fools, and help anyone that falls into this place. I’d rather stick with doing the third thing to do, since I’d rather teach lessons to people like ya through my failures than do nothing here, ya know.”

“Well, get me out of here immediately.”

“Relax, boy. Climbing out of this pit requires calmness and patience. Rushing it won’t do you any good. Ya’ll just fall again quickly.”


The mud-drenched boy was quite a prideful person. He was a very successful celebrity, and he held a lot of respect…until the time when he was caught in a scandal which involved him and a girl he was cheating with. As the majority of the present society have a tendency to start gigantic uproars over such things, the boy’s reputation crashed really quick. The boy’s short temper didn’t help, too.

“Ya must have quite the inflated ego, huh?” the cowboy said while twirling his empty revolver. “Well, balloons are bound to pop, anyway. Ya’ll have to deal with failure, now, boy! Hahaha–”


The laughing cowboy then received a punch to the face from the angry mud-drenched boy. The cowboy didn’t retaliate, but he laughed even harder as he slowly sank into the mud.


With that scream of great anger, the mud-drenched boy immediately jumped into the mud, and sank into it, saying:

“I give up on my life. I want to die already.”

“Ya sure about that, boy?” the cowboy, now back on his feet, asked.

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

“Are ya reaaaaalllly sure?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“Really reaaaaallllly sure?”

“I SAID THAT I AM SURE!” the boy responded angrily, raising his head out of the mud and facing the cowboy.

“Alright, as a symbol of yar giving up on life, let me shoot you in the face!”

“Wait, what–”


The revolver was empty, but the boy gained a bullet hole on his forehead, and that made his head sink into the mud again.

“Well, this reminds me of the time when I shot the side of ma head,” the cowboy said, taking his hat off and touching the side of his head, where a bullet hole was located. “Boy, that was painful!”

After saying that, the cowboy decided to swim in the mud again, and as he did so, he said:

“Anyway, I hope ya enjoy yar eternal stay here in the Pit of Failure!”


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