The Next-Door Neighbor and his Precious Lawn

A family had recently moved into a house in a quiet suburban area, and the eldest of the four children of the family decided to visit the neighbors, starting with the house which had a very beautiful lawn.

“Wow…” the eldest newcomer child said, staring with awe at the beautiful lawn, which was decorated with flowers that greatly contributed to the beauty of the lawn. Smooth gray stones were also arranged in various parts of the lawn, and on one side was a little pond where a single water-lily floated.

As he looked at the house, he suddenly remembered what a random kid told him about the house during the previous day:

“That’s the Lawn Nut’s house. He’ll get really pissed off if you at least step on his precious lawn. I don’t recommend visiting his house, too, since that grumpy old man seems to care about his lawn more than neighbors that come to visit.”

Well, the eldest newcomer child didn’t really care about that random kid’s last sentence regarding the Lawn Nut. He only reminded himself to not step on the Lawn Nut’s precious lawn.

And so, the eldest newcomer child carefully walked down the proper path to the door of the Lawn Nut’s house. He then knocked on the door once he got there.


Quickly, the door was answered by an old man with an intimidating expression on his face. The old man wore a pink shirt, pink shirts, and pink slippers. His pink outfit had a floral design, too, and the outfit contrasted with his currently intimidating expression.

“Did someone step on my lawn?” the old man asked. “Did you step on my lawn?”

 “Uhh…no, sir,” the eldest newcomer child nervously replied. “I made sure not to step on your lawn.”

Upon hearing the boy’s answer, the Lawn Nut then breathed a sigh of relief.

“The neighbors must have told you, huh?” the Lawn Nut asked.

“Uhh…yeah,” answered the eldest newcomer child, a bit unnerved by the sudden question of the Lawn Nut, as his mind was clouded by the opinion formed from the gossip that the random kid had told him.

“Hm. I don’t really care about what they say about me. I won’t do anything to them, just as long as they don’t mess up my lawn. Anyway, you wanna have some tea with me? I saw you move in recently, you know.”


The eldest newcomer child wasn’t the type to reject such kind offers to have tea, and it made him loosen up a bit when it came to the Lawn Nut. “Just don’t mess up his lawn,” he reminded himself as he entered the Lawn Nut’s house.

“Sit down, boy,” the Lawn Nut said, gesturing to a seat in front of him. The eldest newcomer child sat down, and the Lawn Nut filled two cups with tea from a pot on a tray, which sat on a table beside them.

“So…do you want to hear why I value my lawn so much?” the Lawn Nut asked, as he knew that the boy didn’t know him much yet, and that he seemed like the type who would listen properly to an old man.

“Sure,” the boy answered after taking sips of tea. “You seem to be quite known for being a lawn nut, you know.”

“Yeah, I know that. The neighbors can say what they want, but don’t they dare mess my lawn. It’s a cherished treasure that me and my late wife worked so hard to maintain. Whenever it’s beautiful, it reminds me of my late wife. She had such a beautiful personality, you know, kid. She told me to always keep it beautiful. She even told me that minutes before her death.”

The Lawn Nut then smiled as he remembered his late wife.

“Hm…I see,” the boy replied, taking more sips of tea, and then refilling his teacup. “That’s nice. You must have had a nice life together, huh?”

“Yeah. We’ve been through good times and bad times, and now, she’s dead, I’m old, and my kids are out there, living their lives. Aside from reading books and drinking tea, maintaining the beauty of that precious lawn is something that makes me really happy.”

“Is that so?” the boy asked while wearing a friendly smile. “Can you teach me how to maintain a garden, then, sir?”

The boy suddenly became interested in gardening upon knowing more about this friendly Lawn Nut.

“Well, sure, kid! I’d be happy to do so. Come by when you have the time. I’ll teach you the stuff–”

Suddenly, he stopped mid-sentence, and then he immediately ran to the door. The boy then went to the window to check what was going on outside. There was a boy who was trolling the Lawn Nut by moving around the lawn while on a bike while laughing loud.


The trolling boy then went off, still laughing loud while the Lawn Nut was shouting at him.

“Well, I shouldn’t be angry at him if he gets angry at me when I mess up his lawn,” the eldest newcomer child said to himself while taking sips of tea. “It’s something important to him, and he’s also quite a friendly person underneath that lawn obsession of his.”

The eldest newcomer child then smiled at the start of a new friendship.

“It’s a really beautiful day, today,” the boy said to himself, looking up to the sky as he drank his tea.


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