Smashing Down a Life of Laziness

“Hey, I know of this site where you can download those episodes for free!”

A certain hikiNEET (in other words, a shut-in with No Employment, Education, or Training), who was sitting down in front of his computer, was starting to get bored with the HikiNEETron that he had bought online and received a week ago.

“Hey, I’m in the reading these manga scans here,” the hikiNEET said. “Can’t you be quiet for a bit?”

“But I’m bored and I have nothing else to do!” the HikiNEETron shouted with a human-sounding robot voice.

“Ugh, dear me…I’m starting to see how lame I am all this time…”

The hikiNEET then recalled the time when he first read about the HikiNEETron in some random website that he went through a few weeks ago. The creator of the HikiNEETron claimed that it can relate to the interests of the person that it is linked to, and that it can even give out interesting ideas. Sure, the functions of the HikiNEETron were vaguely described, but since the hikiNEET was bored during that time, he ordered one without thinking twice, just like the other unnecessary stuff that he had bought online, which were now scattered in his stinking mess of a room.

When he had received the HikiNEETron, the moment that he jacked it to his computer and powered it up, his life became more entertaining…for a short while, though. The HikiNEETron suggested him some interesting series of games and stories, and he had interesting conversations with it regarding their interests and hobbies, but after a few days, it became more annoying to the hikiNEET. The hikiNEET had gathered lots of data, which were mostly games, videos, and stories that he illegally downloaded from the Internet, and the large amount and of data and the ease of gathering them made him feel really bored. When he starts going through a series with more focus, the HikiNEETron then distracts him to another series, and the frequency of his switching made him more bored that it even made him start to question why he was even stuck to his computer. With these experiences with the HikiNEETron, he began to think that maybe a life of training and work would be better than just being stuck to a computer, living like a lazy pervert with no aim in life other than satisfying shallow desires for pleasure.

“Alright, it’s time to end this dumb, shallow life of mine.”

The hikiNEET then declared his rebellion against his lazy life by disconnecting the HikiNEETron that was connected to his computer. Upon doing so, it activated one of the annoying effects that the hikiNEET discovered during his days with it.


The HikiNEETron was letting out a screeching scream that could destroy a person’s eardrums if they were exposed to it for too long. The hikiNEET then ran out of his room, the room where he had shut himself in for a year, and then he ran to the garage of his house.

“Huh? Son? What’s going on? What is that noise coming from your room?”

The hikiNEET’s mother, who was cleaning the living room, was surprised about the sudden noise from her son’s room.

“It’s me not wanting to let go of this stupid, lazy life! I’m gonna go get the sledgehammer! I’ve had enough of this hikiNEET life of mine!”

“Huh? What did you say?”

The hikiNEET’s mother had disbelief at what her son was saying. For a while there, she thought that she had heard her son declaring his discontent over his hikiNEET life, so she asked her son to repeat what he said, but her son had already started running back to his room with a sledgehammer, not even bothering to reply to his mother’s question.

Now, when the hikiNEET had already returned to his room, he went and faced the screaming HikiNEETron.



The rebelling hikiNEET lifted the sledgehammer that he was holding with both hands, and then he slammed it down at the screaming robot with all his strength.



The sledgehammer landed with a crunch, and the HikiNEETron stopped  functioning afterwards.

As for the rebelling hikiNEET, he let go of the heavy sledgehammer, and then he lied down on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

“I should…really get some…exercise…”

Despite the tiredness that he was experiencing, he still decided to stand up and go to his mother to tell her about his renouncement of the hikiNEET life.

“I…have a long way…to go…” the reformed teenager said, now filled with determination to live a better life.


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