The Entrance Exam of the Agents of the Calm

“Man, it’s been an hour already! I was expecting them to come back after a while, but not after ONE FREAKING HOUR! THIS IS FREAKING BORING!”

In a room containing five men and five women, one of the men–a uniformed police officer with a scar on his cheek–stood up from his seat, as he already lost his patience.

These ten people–people who were total strangers to each other–were gathered by a mysterious but threatening letter that was sent to each of them.

And written on it was:

“Come to 9 Unity Street, Breeze City. We will kill you if you do not follow.”

There was no return address written on the envelopes, so the receivers never knew who sent them…

…Until they arrived at the said place, which was an art museum. Then, they were led to an elevator by a plain-looking man in a gray hoodie and slightly damaged blue jeans. Once they entered the elevator, their suspicion increased, as they were going down underground even though the elevator didn’t seem to have buttons that led to the underground.

When the elevator stopped moving after a minute, they reached a completely white room with ten black seats facing forward and arranged horizontally. They were asked to sit down and wait for an hour. Each of them were also given IDs and a remote control with one big red button on it. They were asked to press the red button if they decided to give up. They did as they were asked, as they feared for their lives.

And then, one hour passed, one man among them had an outburst, as fear had totally overridden the seemingly calm silence that he had before.


After the police officer shouted that, a guy in a business suit also shouted while stuttering because of fear.






The rest of the people in the room were agreeing to those opinions, except for two people. One was a man in a black hoodie and blue pants. He was silently sitting on his seat, and he had a calm but concerned look on his face.

“Tch…Their agitation won’t help them…”

The other was a woman wearing a white shirt, a black tie, a gray coat, and gray pants. The coat and shirt had the insignia of the local police force, signifying that she was a police officer. She was looking at the panicking group, and she was starting to get agitated despite her attempts to keep calm.

“What should I do…? I don’t know what to do now…”

The man in the black hoodie heard the woman, who was sitting beside her, speak her mind, and he turned his face to her and calmly told her:

“Calm down, miss. Don’t let their agitation influence you to panic. There’s always a solution to a problem.”

The woman nodded, and she took three deep breaths. After that, she faced the man to her left, and then she said with a calmer tone:

“What do we do now?”

“We’ll have to wait and see,” the man said, moving his gaze to the panicking group to his right.

“LET’S PRESS THIS BUTTON ALREADY!” shouted the agitated policeman.


And so, each of them pressed the button of their remote control in near-unison.

And then…



“What the…?”

The eight panicking people exploded, and the explosion knocked the remaining two people off their seats. Blood stained their faces and their clothes, and blood stained the white room as well. At the spot where the eight panicking people were before, there were only blood, bones, internal organs, clothes, fire, and smoke.

“I knew it,” the man in a hoodie said with a calm but serious tone. “The people who sent us here didn’t want any secrets out from any of us. Miss, please check for their IDs. I want to confirm something.”


The woman then went to the blast area, and checked for the IDs.

“They’re gone. No traces of them. The closely gathered explosions must have reduced them to ashes.”

“Then let’s put our IDs and remote controls on that door over there.”

The man in a hoodie pointed to the door in front of them, which was the door where their guide entered after giving them instructions. The woman then went there, and then she immediately checked whether it was locked or not.

“Locked,” the woman said.

“Put the IDs and remote controls there,” the man replied.

And so, the two carefully put their IDs and remote controls near the locked door.

“Stand back,” the man said to the woman. After she did so, the man took out his right shoe, and then he threw it at a remote control’s button.


“I knew it,” the man in a hoodie said again.

“Congratulations, Peter Stone and Mary Windfield,” a man in a white hoodie and blue pants said with a cheerfully calm tone. “You have passed the entrance exam of the Agents of the Calm.”

“Huh, looks like someone guessed right about this being a secret agency’s test,” the policewoman, Mary, calmly said. “Thing is, they failed.”

“I can guess that this is a covert operations group that’s supposed to defend the world from something,” the man in a black hoodie, Peter, said. “Aliens, perhaps?”

“Well, that’s something to be discussed later,” the man in a white hoodie replied. “You have what we need for our agency: calmness and cooperation. Like all the past entrance exams that we had conducted, at least two succeeded, and the rest died. Those who aren’t calm and friendly will easily get destroyed, you know. Calmness and cooperation…we value those very much. Oh, and we value friendship, too. It comes after lots of cooperation.”

“So, what now?” Mary asked as she folded her arms.

“Well, I, the director of the Agents of the Calm, Agent Calm, shall give you your new names. You’re no longer Peter Stone and Mary Windfield. You’re now Agent Blaster and Agent Scanner.”

“Huh…weird name,” Peter said.

“What’s with my name?” Mary asked.

“Agent Blaster blasted the wall, while Agent Scanner scanned the area.”

“That’s…pretty understandable,” Agent Blaster said with a nod and a smile.

“I agree with Blaster, too,” Agent Panic said with a completely unamused face.

“Well, good to know. Actually, I’m the guy who gives each agent here their name, and I give names based on an examinee’s distinguishing feature,” Agent Calm calmly said to the two new agents with a smile. “I was watching you the whole time during the exam, you know.”

“Alright, since we’re named and all, how about explaining to us what this organization is, then?” Agent Blaster asked.

“And that’s what I’m going to do next, plus a tour of the base and all that,” Agent Calm said. “Let’s go now, agents!”

Agent Calm went past the blasted door, and the two new agents followed.

As they walked, there were agents, who were all in hoodies, who ran to the examination room with equipment for cleaning and repairing. Agent looked back at them for a bit and then with a smile, he told the two new agents:

“Man, cleaning up the Examination Room is always a tough job. Always need to have it squeaky clean, you know.”

The two new agents answered with serious silence.

“Hey, why so serious? You can still smile and be energetic even if you’re an Agent of the Calm! Come and get me, Blaster and Scanner!”

Agent Calm then started to run. The two new agents then looked at each other.

“Well, let’s get him,” Blaster said with a smile.

“Alright!” Scanner replied with a grin.

The two new agents then began to chase after the energetic director, and they had already forgotten about the gruesome sight that they had seen during their entrance exam.

The Agents of the Calm were quite known for their calmness. Even their secret bases can calm people down. They aren’t called Agents of the Calm for nothing, you know.


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