Look at the Bright Side, Tobby!

Because of my laziness, I failed to submit an essay on time. I just made things harder for me, and I even called the butt-biters to myself at the same time.

Well, there’s no use in wallowing in shame and regret. I’m gonna try to submit it to the professor tomorrow, and I hope she would take it, even if the grading is on a pass-or-fail basis. I just have to keep calm and be optimistic.

But what if she won’t take it? Well, if she won’t take it, then I’ll accept my fate, since the consequences are a result of my own actions, after all. Whether she takes it or not, I’ll have to work harder next time. I’ve been through a load of crap these past few months, and I’ve been taking them really badly back then. We all go through loads of crap, and what matters is that we control ourselves and look at the bright side. Shirt got dirtied? Calm down and get your clothes changed. No Internet? Calm down and go do something productive. Someone thinks you’re a piece of crap? Calm down, let them talk, remember that you’re more than what they think you are, but don’t go flaunting about it to them. Pride calls in the butt-biters, you know. Failed to submit a requirement for school? Calm down and see if you can still submit it, even if you’ll get a penalty, because passing something late is better than passing nothing. Doing your best on the requirement is still recommended, too. But if it’s not possible to submit the requirement anymore, then just take your failure with calmness and grace.

This is becoming my way of dealing with things. Keep calm, look at the bright side, and do the best that I can do. I have lots of reasons to be happy, you know. We all have lots of reasons to be happy. Crap may go our way everyday, but what matters is that we control ourselves and look at the bright side. Still, I won’t stop you if you choose to get angry, lose control of yourself, and look at the dark side. Your choice is your choice, and I can only influence you. My choice is my choice, and you can only influence me.

So, I’ll have to remind myself again:

Look at the bright side, Tobby!

…Right…I’ll have to do what I have to do right now…

I’ll do my best!

Feel free to say something!

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