An Adventure in Cloudcuckooland

“Dude, where are we?” Mike asked to his strange friend named Matt.

“We’re…in Cloudcuckooland,” Matt said while looking up to the sky.

A clear blue sky was above them, and the clouds were below their feet. The sun was a blazing fireball with a face, and it was talking to the moon, which was a ball of cheese. The stars were running into each other, exploding and then creating more stars. Various objects were falling from the clear blue sky and through the clouds where Mike and Matt were standing.

“Let’s fly, Mike,” Matt said, readying himself like a bird about to take off.

“You sure about this, Matt?” Mike said, weirded out by the stuff around him?

“Why are you even acting like a sane guy, Mike?” Matt said with a weird head tilt. “Weirdness is normal here. We can go back to the real world when we need to.”

“Okay…then let’s fly!”

With that, Mike took off quickly like a bird and pierced through the clouds below him, and Matt followed suit.



As they flew through the air under the clouds of Cloudcuckooland, lightning fell towards lightning rods for inspiration-gathering, cake floated around for all to eat, and two hundred soldiers were having a flashy and over-the-top battle with another two hundred soldiers.

“Cool!” Mike exclaimed. “This world is amazing!”

“Yes…” Matt replied. “This world…everyone goes inside it everyday…It’s an undeniable fact…Don’t you think so, Mike?”

“I guess,” Mike said with a relaxed smile. “They can deny all they want, but they still go here, even if they claim to be normal people.”

“Right. We can all go here, provided that we don’t ignore the reality around us.”

“Yeah! Now let’s have some fun!”



Meanwhile, in the real world…

“Dude, looks like Matt has a new friend,” a student said to a fellow classmate.

“I swear, his weirdness is contagious,” a stern-looking student said with annoyance.

Students were watching Matt and Mike, two high school students who were running around the school, engaged in Cloudcuckooland, during break time.

“But they don’t seem to be bad at all,” another student said. “Matt does his schoolwork properly, and even if he’s weird, he does participate well.”

“Yeah, he’s funny, too! I’m glad he has a new friend!”

“It’s like everyone here is his friend!”

“Except me,” said the stern-looking student.

Upon hearing the stern-looking student, the other students around him turned to look at him, all of them wearing weird grins on their faces.

“JOIN US IN CLOUDCUCKOOLAND,” they all said in unison.

“Oh boy…”

And the stern-looking student left, ignoring the crowd that wanted him to be their friend. Still, the crowd of students didn’t get angry, and they laughed, too.

“He’s like the weird guy now!”

“Well, let’s just leave him alone and let him do what he wants.”

“Wanna play with Matt and Mike, guys?”


And so, the crowd of students ran to Matt and Mike, and they played in Cloudcuckooland for the rest of their break time.

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