Everyone Has Different Interpretations When It Comes to the Message of a Story, Tobby

This video that I made…I have a canon interpretation for it, but I would like you people to watch the video and think about what could be my message in the video, and also about what could be the distractions that are trying to hide the message.

I think when an author writes a story, they have this canon message in the story, the message that the author truly wants to deliver. But not 100% of readers would understand the author’s canon message. Some would come up with different interpretations, and then think that “Ah, maybe this was what the author wanted to say to us readers.” Such readers with different interpretations can make a writer like me groan, but I don’t think I should be reacting like that. When writing a story, I think it should be better to make the reader think. I have a message that I want to say, but I would like the reader to immerse into the story, to reflect on what I am showing them. If they end up with a different interpretation, then no big deal, since there’s bound to be at least one person who will have a different interpretation of the story. I’ll just have to keep calm and explain my canon message some other time. I would be really glad if they understood what I really wanted to say, though. Still, I appreciate readers who reflect on a story that they’re reading, trying to understand what the author could be possibly saying through it.

So, I wonder…What do you think is the message hidden in my video? And what could be the distractions that are trying to hide the message? If you wish to answer these questions, then please leave your answers in the comments section.

Now then, time for another self-reminder:

Everyone has different interpretations when it comes to the message of a story, Tobby.


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