A Poetic Birthday Greeting to My Favorite Composer/Writer

Today’s a special day

Well, a special day to us fans, I say.

As a member of the fandom of the Kagerou Project

Who always try to break the time loop of madness

I would like to say “Happy Birthday!”

To Jin-san in a poetic way.


Thank you for the stories that you made

Those songs that opened our eyes to the heat-haze.

A year ago, I was trapped in my own self-made madness

Until I discovered the song of the medusa in the forest.

Since then, I have improved, and I have become dedicated

To your stories that were still being written.


Even if you trolled us with a bad ending

You still showed us that you believed in a good ending.

You’re quite amazing

Because your songs and stories

Seem to show that you’re really having fun with your life

And I guess you’ve been doing your best all this time.


I’d like to meet you in person someday

But I have more important things to do.

Until then, I shall follow you from a distance

Along with the other fans, too.

Again, Jin-san, who we also call Shizen no Teki-P:

Happy birthday, and I hope that you’ll keep on being happy.

Feel free to say something!

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