You Need More Sleep, Tobby

Well, my few weeks of semestral break has already begun, and I’m beginning to find it a bit difficult to wring my brain out for writing ideas. These past days, when I’m seated in public transportation, I’m pretty prone to getting drowsy. I’ve been having microsleep episodes while riding a bus, too, and it’s been worrying me. It’s definitely the lack of sleep that I’ve been having for a long period of time. I’ve been up really late using the computer, too, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately. In addition to the health degradation that I’ve been inflicting on myself, there’s also the time-wasting and lust-building that I’ve been doing while using the computer really late at night. I should really stop myself from increasing the difficulty in solving my sexual perversion issues…

Well, I guess I should keep this brief and take a break from the computer.

Self-reminder: You need more sleep, Tobby.

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