Two Badass Cops and Two Explosions




Breaking down the door side by side with their powerful feet, Badass Cop One and Badass Cop Two pointed their guns at a bunch of sharp-dressed gangsters who were busy with interrogating and torturing a kidnapped businessman. Among the gangsters was the gang leader, and he faced the Badass Cops with a really cocky smirk.

“You think you two are so badass, huh?” the gang leader asked. “What, are you the only guys here?”

“Our team has secured the perimeter, and you’ve got nowhere to run,” Badass Cop One calmly said.

“We ain’t  gonna be late like some stupid movie cops! Now surrender, or we’ll have to kick your ass so hard, you won’t be able to poop!” Badass Cop Two confidently shouted.

The gang leader’s smirk widened upon hearing the replies of the two Badass Cops. He then reached for his coat pocket, to which the two Badass Cops cocked their guns at him.

“Don’t think we’re stupid enough to let you take a weapon,” Badass Cop One warned.

The gang leader, still smirking, stopped and took out his gloved hand. “Well, that’s smart.” He raised his hand, and with a loud snap of his fingers…


A bomb, which was outside and by the window, exploded. Badass Cop One managed to duck out of the room quickly, but as for Badass Cop Two…


“Are you okay, man?” Badass Cop One asked.


Without hesitation, Badass Cop One went for the gangsters who were trying to escape through the big hole in the room, and he fired shots at them as they tried to escape. He only managed to shoot one gangster, as the rest were pretty agile in running away.

“Damn, we didn’t expect this!” Badass Cop One said, and then he took out his transceiver and called his team.

“Team, they’re escaping through the back alley! Get them!”

Then, he went out of the room and commanded to the other policemen on standby:

“Go after the gangsters! I’ll deal with the one that I shot!”

“Yes, sir!”

The other cops then left, and Badass Cop One went to Badass Cop Two, giving him a thumbs-up and a questioning look. Badass Cop Two responded with a nod and a thumbs-up. Badass Cop One then tapped Two’s shoulder, and then One signed that he was going to go after a gangster that he had just shot, and he also signed to Two that he should stay there and wait, since his hearing impairment can make things more difficult. Badass Cop Two immediately agreed, and then One started running down the building.

Badass Cop One reached the wounded gangster, and then he pointed his gun at him.

“Freeze! Hands in the air!”

The wounded gangster followed immediately with fear.

“Where are they going?” Badass Cop One asked.

“I’m not telling you, and I’ll keep that secret with me anywhere, even to the grave!”

The wounded gangster then took out a gun, and then he pointed it at his own head.

“Oh no, I won’t–”

Unfortunately, Badass Cop One’s reaction was too slow. Before he could pull the trigger, the wounded gangster had outdid him in terms of reaction time.


And then…


Badass Cop One managed to step back a bit, but he was still knocked down hard by the blast. Because of that, he found it hard to move, so he struggled in standing up and following his team.

While Badass Cop One struggled, a fellow police officer who was running behind the rest of the team had found him.

“Sir, are you okay?” the lagging policeman asked. “I heard another explosion nearby. What happened?”

“WHAT?” Badass Cop One shouted.

“What happened, sir?” the lagging policeman replied with a louder voice.


“Oh boy. Now this is a problem.”

On that day, the two Badass Cops learned a lesson. On a piece of paper, signed by the two of them in remembrance of that day, they wrote:

“Standing near explosions and surviving them may be badass, but getting your hearing killed is damn stupid. –The Two Stupid Badass Cops”

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