Having Fun with the Kagerou Project Fandom, Tobby?

Oh yes I am.

I’m having so much fun with the Kagerou Project.

And I’m even having so much fun with the KagePro fandom, too.

Days ago, this meme was dominating the KagePro fandom in Tumblr:

kagebee project 2 kagebee project

And then just yesterday, this KagePro meme spawned and exploded in Tumblr:

may soda be eternal 2 may soda be eternal

The Kagerou Project…it’s a strange story about strange kids in a strange world…just like it’s fandom, and just like everyone and everything else (although some people won’t admit it.). It’s fun, really, when there’s someone else out there who appreciates something that you appreciate, too. Fandoms are that. They have fun with what they like so much, they even make mutations out of it. Friendships are even formed because of these fandoms. Amazing, isn’t it? I prefer making friends over making enemies, you know. Still, if there’s someone who doesn’t appreciate the KagePro fandom because they don’t like the series, they don’t like the craziness of the fandom, etc., then I would rather leave them alone. They like what they like, and they don’t like what they don’t like. I can’t control them, but I can only influence them. No need to worry about or get angry at such people. What matters is that I’m having fun with KagePro, and that my fellow KagePro fans are having fun with KagePro.

Hmm…I feel like I really belong in the KagePro fandom now. Yesterday was such a fun time, fellow KagePro fans. We had Shintaro and the forces of soda dominate the KagePro fandom on Tumblr.

Well, in fandoms, there are bound to be outsiders or newcomers who go “What in the freaking world?” when they see craziness or unclear stuff in the fandoms or in the stories that the fandoms appreciate. Well, I think we should just guide them properly. If they don’t end up being interested, then let’s leave them be, because lecturing them about the greatness of KagePro would only be useless to someone who isn’t interested in or doesn’t want to be involved in it. If they do end up being interested, then that’s great, because we have a new friend, and friendships are fun, you know. Friendship for the win, people!

Anyway, thanks for the fun, Kagerou Project and the KagePro fandom.

Oh, and I have a question for my fellow KagePro fans:

Having fun with the Kagerou Project, KagePro fandom?


Feel free to say something!

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