The Implacable Peacemaker

“He’s here!”

“The Implacable Destroyer is here!”

“We have to stop him!”

Soldiers were running here and there, preparing to defend against the red-garbed one-man army that was running towards the gate of the capital city of the Kingdom of Breeze. The one-man army came from the Kingdom of Ember, which has been the longtime enemy of Breeze because of a territorial dispute that occurred hundreds of years ago. Now, after periods of war and peace, they are now at war again, because of a murder involving an enraged Breezian who killed a prince of the Emberian royal family that occurred because of an exchange of racial insults.

As for the old king of Breeze, he silently and seriously stared at the battlefield through the window of his castle, while the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards stood by him, ready to stop anyone that would attack the old Breezian king. Upon hearing that the Implacable Destroyer of Ember had been sighted, the old king of Breeze issued the order to eliminate him at all costs. Now, the old king waited and wished for the Implacable Destroyer’s defeat, as if they could defeat the Implacable Destroyer, Ember’s military would surely be affected.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the Implacable Destroyer had destroyed the gate and entered the capital city. He had strength that was the stuff of legends, although the reason for him being the Implacable Destroyer was that he was very quick on his feet, and that he had great skill with explosives. In fact, he entered the capital city by blowing up the gate with a thrown bomb, and strangely, he didn’t kill any soldiers in the process of breaking in.


“Don’t stop firing at him!”

“We must stop him at all costs!”

The archers and the gunners started firing at him, while the foot soldiers and the cavalry began to keep him from moving forward.

As for the Implacable Destroyer, he calmly continued dodging and running, and then he dropped a bomb on the ground before jumping over them.


The bomb exploded, and the first wave of foot soldiers and the cavalry were held back by the explosion.

“A smoke bomb?” asked one of the foot soldiers.

The bomb, which was actually a smoke bomb, scattered smoke at a very wide area, reducing the area’s visibility.


More smoke bombs exploded, and the smoke continued to limit the Breezian military’s ability to attack.

“Where is he?”

“There he is! He’s heading for the castle!”

“Get him! Don’t let him reach the king!”

The Implacable Destroyer was now heading for the castle, and then he blew up the gate with a bomb while dodging the guards’ attacks.

Now, the Implacable Destroyer was dodging and running while dropping and blowing up smoke bombs to hold back his attackers.  He eventually reached the room where the king was, which made the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards go into their battle stances.

“Stop and surrender, or we shall end you here and now!” the bodyguards said in unison.

The Implacable Destroyer silently stood, and then he took out an envelope, causing the bodyguards to point their weapons at him more dangerously.

“Don’t move!” the archer of the bodyguards said.

“I have a letter for your king,” the Implacable destroyer said, pointing the envelope at the old king of Breeze. “The king of Ember would like to talk with him about a peace treaty.”

“Prove to us that you’re worth trusting, first, Emberian scum!” the swordsman of the bodyguards said.

“I won’t move, then. But I’ll still hold this message out to your king,” the Implacable Destroyer calmly replied.

“Do you have a death wish or something?” asked the lancer of the bodyguards. “We don’t trust you Emberians enough, you know. History shows that you’re scum, and you can’t change history.”

“History can’t be changed, but we can still choose to change ourselves for the better anywhere and anytime we want,” replied the Implacable Destroyer.

“Then if you want to prove that you’re worthy of our trust, take a bullet from me, first,” said the gunner of the group.

“Alright. I accept,” the Implacable Destroyer said, still calm.

The Implacable Destroyer still stood, holding out the envelope that held the Emberian king’s message.

Seconds passed, and then…


As for the sharpshooter of the Breezian Elite Royal Bodyguards, he had fired a shot, but it narrowly missed the Implacable Destroyer.

“Why did you not kill him?” the swordsman shouted at the gunner, enraged at the gunner’s “missed shot.”

“He just faced a shot from me, Breeze’s top sharpshooter, without any sign of fear,” said the gunner. “He doesn’t seem to have any intention of attacking us, unless one of us decides to attack him with full force.”

“But he’s an Emberian!” shouted the lancer. “He can’t be trusted!”

“I’ve had enough of that racist crap,” said the gunner. “I’d say that we should just go for a peace treaty instead.”

“Damn it!” the swordsman said, delivering a punch to the gunner’s face, to which the gunner took it calmly.

“You!” the swordsman shouted to the archer. “Shoot him and kill him already!”

The archer only replied with silence, but he immediately faced the Implacable Destroyer and readied his bow and arrow to attack. The Implacable Destroyer still stood, unfazed by the threat that was posed to him.

Then, the archer shot, and he “narrowly missed” the Implacable Destroyer again, only grazing off a small amount of his hair.

“I’m tired of this, too,” said the archer. “This tiring war would have never happened if we tried to be more friendly with the Breezians.”

“DAMN IT!” shouted the swordsman, who had now broken into a violent rage.

“WE’LL FINISH YOU, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” shouted the lancer.

“Stop right now!” shouted the king.

The bodyguards stopped and faced the old king of Breeze. The swordsman and the lancer stopped, although they were shaking as they did so, even dropping their weapons in an attempt to show their undying loyalty to their king.

“Let him hand the letter to me. Now,” said the king of Breeze, in a serious tone of voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the bodyguards shouted in unison, bowing down and leaving their weapons at a distance from them on the ground. The calm Implacable Destroyer advanced, while the swordsman and the lancer were shaking with worry and rage as they watched the infamous but calm Emberian approach their king.

The king of Breeze took the letter from the Implacable Destroyer, and then the Emberian said with a kneel and a bow:

“Thank you, Your Majesty. This what I only came for. I, a figure of great infamy in your kingdom, was sent here to test your trust in us and to see if your desire for friendship is strong. You strongly wish for peace, which is also what the king of Ember wishes, but it seems there is someone who wants to keep this feud going for their own selfish interests.”

“But why…why did your kingdom’s soldiers attack us?” the Breezian king asked.

“Our military has proof that a traitor among the Emberian forces instigated the initial attack at your kingdom, Your Majesty. This matter shall be discussed at the upcoming meeting stated in the Emberian king’s letter to you.”

“Is that so…I shall be reading it later, then. I’ll have the archer and the gunner escort you outside, as the other soldiers still consider you a threat. I shall talk to these other two first.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” the Implacable Destroyer said, and then he was escorted out of the room.

“Even I’m getting tired of being called the ‘Implacable Destroyer,'” he said to himself as he greeted by fearful responses from the other Breezian soldiers. Despite all those fearful responses that he was receiving, the implacable Emberian soldier thought to himself:

“Still, I hope that our kingdoms may reconcile and form a strong friendship.”


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