When You’re Gonna Use Your Computer, Sit on a Chair and Put Your Computer on a Table, Tobby

My computer is a notebook. And most of the time, I use it while lying down slouched on a bed or on a couch.

I feel like I’m more susceptible to laziness, Internet addiction, and pervy thoughts that way, so I’m trying to spend more time with my butt on a chair and my computer on a table. My laziness and Internet addiction are still issues even when seated, though…

Anyway, while I’m sitting on a chair while using my computer on a table today, I feel more focused and relaxed…Kinda like the Metal Gear series’s Solid Snake and his feelings towards the cardboard box.

Maybe I should make friends with it and call it “Mr. Chair” like PewDiePie calls the chairs he encounters in his Let’s Plays. Yeah, I should make friends with the chair. I am so weird again. Oh yes.

Man, I’m feeling the inspiration right now. I shouldn’t be slouched on a bed or on a couch. I should be on a chair while my computer should be on a table while I use it.

And then there’s my time management. I’m still having issues with it. I don’t have classes yet, and I’ve mostly been spending time on the Internet. I should really set time for doing chores like walking the dogs or watering the plants. And I should set some time for nap time, too. Of course, I should limit my time when it comes to using the Internet. And I shouldn’t forget to update my blog daily.

Thank you, Mr. Chair and Mr. Table. You’ve made me more relaxed and focused today.

Now then, I shall be going on a break from using my computer, and take a nap while I do so, since I’ve been hurting my health by not sleeping enough during the past days.

And of course, a self-reminder:

When you’re gonna use your computer, sit on a chair and put your computer on a table, Tobby.

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