Go Do Something Productive, Tobby

I’m here, sitting on my chair, while I write this and go back to Tumblr and scroll down my dashboard, and also while checking Twitter updates now and then.

The YouTube videos, or maybe my Internet connection, seems to get slower during the evening.

With the slower speed of the Internet, I should be focusing on more productive stuff rather than having my attention divided by slow-loading Web stuff.

It’s a good thing Mr. Chair and Mr. Table are making me more focused. I should really do some work that I could have finished quicker if I had focused on them.

Maybe I should not log into Tumblr for like a day or something…Well, I guess my incoming school days are going to limit my Tumblr scrolling time and my YouTube viewing time (and maybe my blogging frequency) again, so I guess that should make me more focused on the more important stuff.

Mr. Chair and Mr. Table: “Go do something productive already, Tobby!”

Alright, alright, Mr. Chair and Mr. Table. I should be focusing more.

I should take a break from Tumblr and YouTube for a while…and I should focus on preparing for the next semester, and I should also focus on certain writings that I must finish…

Well, go do something productive already, Tobby!


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