Wake Up from the Illusion and Focus

“Dude, what are you looking at there?”

A boy, while looking at questionable stuff on the Internet through his computer, suddenly heard his chair talk.

“Are you talking to me, chair?” the boy asked.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you,” the chair replied. “Oh, you know what, I’ll just ask the table. Table, what’s he looking at there on his computer?”

“He’s looking at really pervy stuff,” the table immediately replied.

“What? Hey!” the boy exclaimed to the table.

“Dude, we’re trying our best to make you focus on your work already,” the chair said with seriousness. “Don’t make this harder for us, and most of all, don’t make this harder for yourself.”

“You wanted to finish the important work that you need to finish, right?” the table asked. “Focus and go finish it already!”

“Dude, I’ve been in your ears for like more than an hour already,” the boy’s music player told him. “Just play the music already and focus!”

“And stop lying on me just to jerk off and stain me with your fluids!” the bed said to the boy. “Look, even your shorts are now complaining!”

“Yeah!” said the boy’s shorts. “Your freaking waste of fluids stink! Stop wasting such juices on me! The other shorts and I already want to go on strike because of that filthy habit of yours!”

Suddenly, the door to the boy’s room opened, and in burst a basket of dirty shorts.


Seeing all this weirdness occurring around him, he then realized something.


He was having a nightmare.

And then he woke up after he realized that fact.

He woke up with a sweating body and a racing heart. He was breathing fearfully as he was looking up to the ceiling of his bedroom.

“I should really stop being a procrastinator and a pervert,” the boy then said to himself.

With that, he began his difficult journey on the road to become a better person.

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