Kicking Out a Very Valuable Robot


“Captain Pilot, what in the world is this thing?”

After Private Pilot went to the restroom, he found a robot that was cleaning up the passenger plane which only contained the two pilots. Private Pilot became very curious about the robot, as he had never seen such a robot that looked like a rusty piece of scrap.

“That’s the cleaning robot!” Captain Pilot replied with a shout as he was flying the plane. “Inventor friend of mine put it here for a test run!”

“But it looks like scrap!” Private Pilot replied with a shout.

“That inventor friend of mine has a thing for old, rusted things! Haven’t asked her why, though, but I don’t mind it!”

“So…is there anything else that this robot can do?”

“Why not ask it? My inventor friend told me that it can answer certain questions!”


And then Private Pilot turned to the robot.

“What can you do aside from cleaning, robot?”


“Huh, that’s amazing,” Private Pilot said while nodding. “But why put such amazing programming into a…uh, let me be honest…a body of rusted scrap?”


“Hm. Well, I’ll ask her why she finds rust attractive some other time…” Private Pilot whispered to himself.


Private Pilot already had something in mind. Since he was bored with just sitting around with his very skilled senior pilot and since he found rusty metal to be annoying, he decided to give himself a little entertainment and relief.

“Come here, robot. Uhh…I’d like to see how well you can fly,” Private Pilot said, opening the door that led to the outside of the plane, while the robot went near the Private.

As for Captain Pilot, he had heard the opening of the plane’s door.

“Private, did you open the door?”

“Just for a moment, Captain! I’m trying to test something!”

“Well, don’t fall off!”

“Alright! Hiyah!”

With a clank, Private Pilot’s foot struck the robot, which made it fly out of the plane very quickly.

“Ow…for a rusty robot, it’s a tough thing…” Private Pilot said as he had one hand holding the doorway, and one hand rubbing his foot.

The robot became a little dot in the clouds as it fell, and then it disappeared from Private Pilot’s sight.

“Was that robot really serious?” Private Pilot asked himself doubtfully.

“Private! What happened? I heard something metal getting hit!”

“I kicked the robot out! I’m trying to see it’s flying abilities!”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t get broken!”


“What in the world was that, Private?”

“What in the world…?” Private Pilot said as he saw the now-returned robot which had landed by smashing into a pair of seats. “That was fast. I never saw you coming. I thought you were gone for real, too.”


“Well…I guess we can get along then, huh?”


“Uh…I thought I was a boss?”


“Oh. Oh well. Gotta close the door, first.”

And Private Pilot closed the door. Then, he shouted to Captain Pilot:

“I’ll be hanging around with this robot! You can hold your own there, right?”

“Sure!” Captain Pilot immediately replied.

“Alright then,” Private Pilot said. “I’d like to know more about you, robot. Even if you look like a piece of rusty scrap, you look valuable.”


And so, Private Pilot had a worthwhile time with the robot for the rest of the flight.

Everyone Has Different Interpretations When It Comes to the Message of a Story, Tobby

This video that I made…I have a canon interpretation for it, but I would like you people to watch the video and think about what could be my message in the video, and also about what could be the distractions that are trying to hide the message.

I think when an author writes a story, they have this canon message in the story, the message that the author truly wants to deliver. But not 100% of readers would understand the author’s canon message. Some would come up with different interpretations, and then think that “Ah, maybe this was what the author wanted to say to us readers.” Such readers with different interpretations can make a writer like me groan, but I don’t think I should be reacting like that. When writing a story, I think it should be better to make the reader think. I have a message that I want to say, but I would like the reader to immerse into the story, to reflect on what I am showing them. If they end up with a different interpretation, then no big deal, since there’s bound to be at least one person who will have a different interpretation of the story. I’ll just have to keep calm and explain my canon message some other time. I would be really glad if they understood what I really wanted to say, though. Still, I appreciate readers who reflect on a story that they’re reading, trying to understand what the author could be possibly saying through it.

So, I wonder…What do you think is the message hidden in my video? And what could be the distractions that are trying to hide the message? If you wish to answer these questions, then please leave your answers in the comments section.

Now then, time for another self-reminder:

Everyone has different interpretations when it comes to the message of a story, Tobby.

An Adventure in Cloudcuckooland

“Dude, where are we?” Mike asked to his strange friend named Matt.

“We’re…in Cloudcuckooland,” Matt said while looking up to the sky.

A clear blue sky was above them, and the clouds were below their feet. The sun was a blazing fireball with a face, and it was talking to the moon, which was a ball of cheese. The stars were running into each other, exploding and then creating more stars. Various objects were falling from the clear blue sky and through the clouds where Mike and Matt were standing.

“Let’s fly, Mike,” Matt said, readying himself like a bird about to take off.

“You sure about this, Matt?” Mike said, weirded out by the stuff around him?

“Why are you even acting like a sane guy, Mike?” Matt said with a weird head tilt. “Weirdness is normal here. We can go back to the real world when we need to.”

“Okay…then let’s fly!”

With that, Mike took off quickly like a bird and pierced through the clouds below him, and Matt followed suit.



As they flew through the air under the clouds of Cloudcuckooland, lightning fell towards lightning rods for inspiration-gathering, cake floated around for all to eat, and two hundred soldiers were having a flashy and over-the-top battle with another two hundred soldiers.

“Cool!” Mike exclaimed. “This world is amazing!”

“Yes…” Matt replied. “This world…everyone goes inside it everyday…It’s an undeniable fact…Don’t you think so, Mike?”

“I guess,” Mike said with a relaxed smile. “They can deny all they want, but they still go here, even if they claim to be normal people.”

“Right. We can all go here, provided that we don’t ignore the reality around us.”

“Yeah! Now let’s have some fun!”



Meanwhile, in the real world…

“Dude, looks like Matt has a new friend,” a student said to a fellow classmate.

“I swear, his weirdness is contagious,” a stern-looking student said with annoyance.

Students were watching Matt and Mike, two high school students who were running around the school, engaged in Cloudcuckooland, during break time.

“But they don’t seem to be bad at all,” another student said. “Matt does his schoolwork properly, and even if he’s weird, he does participate well.”

“Yeah, he’s funny, too! I’m glad he has a new friend!”

“It’s like everyone here is his friend!”

“Except me,” said the stern-looking student.

Upon hearing the stern-looking student, the other students around him turned to look at him, all of them wearing weird grins on their faces.

“JOIN US IN CLOUDCUCKOOLAND,” they all said in unison.

“Oh boy…”

And the stern-looking student left, ignoring the crowd that wanted him to be their friend. Still, the crowd of students didn’t get angry, and they laughed, too.

“He’s like the weird guy now!”

“Well, let’s just leave him alone and let him do what he wants.”

“Wanna play with Matt and Mike, guys?”


And so, the crowd of students ran to Matt and Mike, and they played in Cloudcuckooland for the rest of their break time.

Look at the Bright Side, Tobby!

Because of my laziness, I failed to submit an essay on time. I just made things harder for me, and I even called the butt-biters to myself at the same time.

Well, there’s no use in wallowing in shame and regret. I’m gonna try to submit it to the professor tomorrow, and I hope she would take it, even if the grading is on a pass-or-fail basis. I just have to keep calm and be optimistic.

But what if she won’t take it? Well, if she won’t take it, then I’ll accept my fate, since the consequences are a result of my own actions, after all. Whether she takes it or not, I’ll have to work harder next time. I’ve been through a load of crap these past few months, and I’ve been taking them really badly back then. We all go through loads of crap, and what matters is that we control ourselves and look at the bright side. Shirt got dirtied? Calm down and get your clothes changed. No Internet? Calm down and go do something productive. Someone thinks you’re a piece of crap? Calm down, let them talk, remember that you’re more than what they think you are, but don’t go flaunting about it to them. Pride calls in the butt-biters, you know. Failed to submit a requirement for school? Calm down and see if you can still submit it, even if you’ll get a penalty, because passing something late is better than passing nothing. Doing your best on the requirement is still recommended, too. But if it’s not possible to submit the requirement anymore, then just take your failure with calmness and grace.

This is becoming my way of dealing with things. Keep calm, look at the bright side, and do the best that I can do. I have lots of reasons to be happy, you know. We all have lots of reasons to be happy. Crap may go our way everyday, but what matters is that we control ourselves and look at the bright side. Still, I won’t stop you if you choose to get angry, lose control of yourself, and look at the dark side. Your choice is your choice, and I can only influence you. My choice is my choice, and you can only influence me.

So, I’ll have to remind myself again:

Look at the bright side, Tobby!

…Right…I’ll have to do what I have to do right now…

I’ll do my best!

You Need Regular Breaks from the Internet, Tobby

I haven’t been updating my blog for the past two days. I’m trying to update daily…but I think breaks like that are good, too. I have things that I need to outside this blogging life of mine, you know. And I also couldn’t connect to the Internet during that time, too, but even if it was restored yesterday afternoon, I had to start dealing with an urgent matter regarding my college education. I’ve been a lazy guy these past weeks, and the butt-biters have already clung to my butt. Also, I won’t die if I can’t connect to the Internet, you know.

Well, for college students like me, time management is an important thing. I can’t just work without a plan about what to do for the day. I can’t just wander around aimlessly in the Internet. I can’t just spend the whole day locked up in my room. If I let myself be distracted by unimportant things, then the butt-biters will have to remind me using their signature moves. I have an incomplete grade in one subject, and I take full responsibility for my laziness. If the professor won’t accept the missing requirement even if I submitted it late, then I should just keep calm, deal with it, and face the consequences. I did bring the butt-biters to myself, after all.

Now, time for a self-reminder:

You need regular breaks from the Internet, Tobby.

And another self-reminder:

Manage your time properly, Tobby.

The Entrance Exam of the Agents of the Calm

“Man, it’s been an hour already! I was expecting them to come back after a while, but not after ONE FREAKING HOUR! THIS IS FREAKING BORING!”

In a room containing five men and five women, one of the men–a uniformed police officer with a scar on his cheek–stood up from his seat, as he already lost his patience.

These ten people–people who were total strangers to each other–were gathered by a mysterious but threatening letter that was sent to each of them.

And written on it was:

“Come to 9 Unity Street, Breeze City. We will kill you if you do not follow.”

There was no return address written on the envelopes, so the receivers never knew who sent them…

…Until they arrived at the said place, which was an art museum. Then, they were led to an elevator by a plain-looking man in a gray hoodie and slightly damaged blue jeans. Once they entered the elevator, their suspicion increased, as they were going down underground even though the elevator didn’t seem to have buttons that led to the underground.

When the elevator stopped moving after a minute, they reached a completely white room with ten black seats facing forward and arranged horizontally. They were asked to sit down and wait for an hour. Each of them were also given IDs and a remote control with one big red button on it. They were asked to press the red button if they decided to give up. They did as they were asked, as they feared for their lives.

And then, one hour passed, one man among them had an outburst, as fear had totally overridden the seemingly calm silence that he had before.


After the police officer shouted that, a guy in a business suit also shouted while stuttering because of fear.






The rest of the people in the room were agreeing to those opinions, except for two people. One was a man in a black hoodie and blue pants. He was silently sitting on his seat, and he had a calm but concerned look on his face.

“Tch…Their agitation won’t help them…”

The other was a woman wearing a white shirt, a black tie, a gray coat, and gray pants. The coat and shirt had the insignia of the local police force, signifying that she was a police officer. She was looking at the panicking group, and she was starting to get agitated despite her attempts to keep calm.

“What should I do…? I don’t know what to do now…”

The man in the black hoodie heard the woman, who was sitting beside her, speak her mind, and he turned his face to her and calmly told her:

“Calm down, miss. Don’t let their agitation influence you to panic. There’s always a solution to a problem.”

The woman nodded, and she took three deep breaths. After that, she faced the man to her left, and then she said with a calmer tone:

“What do we do now?”

“We’ll have to wait and see,” the man said, moving his gaze to the panicking group to his right.

“LET’S PRESS THIS BUTTON ALREADY!” shouted the agitated policeman.


And so, each of them pressed the button of their remote control in near-unison.

And then…



“What the…?”

The eight panicking people exploded, and the explosion knocked the remaining two people off their seats. Blood stained their faces and their clothes, and blood stained the white room as well. At the spot where the eight panicking people were before, there were only blood, bones, internal organs, clothes, fire, and smoke.

“I knew it,” the man in a hoodie said with a calm but serious tone. “The people who sent us here didn’t want any secrets out from any of us. Miss, please check for their IDs. I want to confirm something.”


The woman then went to the blast area, and checked for the IDs.

“They’re gone. No traces of them. The closely gathered explosions must have reduced them to ashes.”

“Then let’s put our IDs and remote controls on that door over there.”

The man in a hoodie pointed to the door in front of them, which was the door where their guide entered after giving them instructions. The woman then went there, and then she immediately checked whether it was locked or not.

“Locked,” the woman said.

“Put the IDs and remote controls there,” the man replied.

And so, the two carefully put their IDs and remote controls near the locked door.

“Stand back,” the man said to the woman. After she did so, the man took out his right shoe, and then he threw it at a remote control’s button.


“I knew it,” the man in a hoodie said again.

“Congratulations, Peter Stone and Mary Windfield,” a man in a white hoodie and blue pants said with a cheerfully calm tone. “You have passed the entrance exam of the Agents of the Calm.”

“Huh, looks like someone guessed right about this being a secret agency’s test,” the policewoman, Mary, calmly said. “Thing is, they failed.”

“I can guess that this is a covert operations group that’s supposed to defend the world from something,” the man in a black hoodie, Peter, said. “Aliens, perhaps?”

“Well, that’s something to be discussed later,” the man in a white hoodie replied. “You have what we need for our agency: calmness and cooperation. Like all the past entrance exams that we had conducted, at least two succeeded, and the rest died. Those who aren’t calm and friendly will easily get destroyed, you know. Calmness and cooperation…we value those very much. Oh, and we value friendship, too. It comes after lots of cooperation.”

“So, what now?” Mary asked as she folded her arms.

“Well, I, the director of the Agents of the Calm, Agent Calm, shall give you your new names. You’re no longer Peter Stone and Mary Windfield. You’re now Agent Blaster and Agent Scanner.”

“Huh…weird name,” Peter said.

“What’s with my name?” Mary asked.

“Agent Blaster blasted the wall, while Agent Scanner scanned the area.”

“That’s…pretty understandable,” Agent Blaster said with a nod and a smile.

“I agree with Blaster, too,” Agent Panic said with a completely unamused face.

“Well, good to know. Actually, I’m the guy who gives each agent here their name, and I give names based on an examinee’s distinguishing feature,” Agent Calm calmly said to the two new agents with a smile. “I was watching you the whole time during the exam, you know.”

“Alright, since we’re named and all, how about explaining to us what this organization is, then?” Agent Blaster asked.

“And that’s what I’m going to do next, plus a tour of the base and all that,” Agent Calm said. “Let’s go now, agents!”

Agent Calm went past the blasted door, and the two new agents followed.

As they walked, there were agents, who were all in hoodies, who ran to the examination room with equipment for cleaning and repairing. Agent looked back at them for a bit and then with a smile, he told the two new agents:

“Man, cleaning up the Examination Room is always a tough job. Always need to have it squeaky clean, you know.”

The two new agents answered with serious silence.

“Hey, why so serious? You can still smile and be energetic even if you’re an Agent of the Calm! Come and get me, Blaster and Scanner!”

Agent Calm then started to run. The two new agents then looked at each other.

“Well, let’s get him,” Blaster said with a smile.

“Alright!” Scanner replied with a grin.

The two new agents then began to chase after the energetic director, and they had already forgotten about the gruesome sight that they had seen during their entrance exam.

The Agents of the Calm were quite known for their calmness. Even their secret bases can calm people down. They aren’t called Agents of the Calm for nothing, you know.

Smashing Down a Life of Laziness

“Hey, I know of this site where you can download those episodes for free!”

A certain hikiNEET (in other words, a shut-in with No Employment, Education, or Training), who was sitting down in front of his computer, was starting to get bored with the HikiNEETron that he had bought online and received a week ago.

“Hey, I’m in the reading these manga scans here,” the hikiNEET said. “Can’t you be quiet for a bit?”

“But I’m bored and I have nothing else to do!” the HikiNEETron shouted with a human-sounding robot voice.

“Ugh, dear me…I’m starting to see how lame I am all this time…”

The hikiNEET then recalled the time when he first read about the HikiNEETron in some random website that he went through a few weeks ago. The creator of the HikiNEETron claimed that it can relate to the interests of the person that it is linked to, and that it can even give out interesting ideas. Sure, the functions of the HikiNEETron were vaguely described, but since the hikiNEET was bored during that time, he ordered one without thinking twice, just like the other unnecessary stuff that he had bought online, which were now scattered in his stinking mess of a room.

When he had received the HikiNEETron, the moment that he jacked it to his computer and powered it up, his life became more entertaining…for a short while, though. The HikiNEETron suggested him some interesting series of games and stories, and he had interesting conversations with it regarding their interests and hobbies, but after a few days, it became more annoying to the hikiNEET. The hikiNEET had gathered lots of data, which were mostly games, videos, and stories that he illegally downloaded from the Internet, and the large amount and of data and the ease of gathering them made him feel really bored. When he starts going through a series with more focus, the HikiNEETron then distracts him to another series, and the frequency of his switching made him more bored that it even made him start to question why he was even stuck to his computer. With these experiences with the HikiNEETron, he began to think that maybe a life of training and work would be better than just being stuck to a computer, living like a lazy pervert with no aim in life other than satisfying shallow desires for pleasure.

“Alright, it’s time to end this dumb, shallow life of mine.”

The hikiNEET then declared his rebellion against his lazy life by disconnecting the HikiNEETron that was connected to his computer. Upon doing so, it activated one of the annoying effects that the hikiNEET discovered during his days with it.


The HikiNEETron was letting out a screeching scream that could destroy a person’s eardrums if they were exposed to it for too long. The hikiNEET then ran out of his room, the room where he had shut himself in for a year, and then he ran to the garage of his house.

“Huh? Son? What’s going on? What is that noise coming from your room?”

The hikiNEET’s mother, who was cleaning the living room, was surprised about the sudden noise from her son’s room.

“It’s me not wanting to let go of this stupid, lazy life! I’m gonna go get the sledgehammer! I’ve had enough of this hikiNEET life of mine!”

“Huh? What did you say?”

The hikiNEET’s mother had disbelief at what her son was saying. For a while there, she thought that she had heard her son declaring his discontent over his hikiNEET life, so she asked her son to repeat what he said, but her son had already started running back to his room with a sledgehammer, not even bothering to reply to his mother’s question.

Now, when the hikiNEET had already returned to his room, he went and faced the screaming HikiNEETron.



The rebelling hikiNEET lifted the sledgehammer that he was holding with both hands, and then he slammed it down at the screaming robot with all his strength.



The sledgehammer landed with a crunch, and the HikiNEETron stopped  functioning afterwards.

As for the rebelling hikiNEET, he let go of the heavy sledgehammer, and then he lied down on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

“I should…really get some…exercise…”

Despite the tiredness that he was experiencing, he still decided to stand up and go to his mother to tell her about his renouncement of the hikiNEET life.

“I…have a long way…to go…” the reformed teenager said, now filled with determination to live a better life.

The Next-Door Neighbor and his Precious Lawn

A family had recently moved into a house in a quiet suburban area, and the eldest of the four children of the family decided to visit the neighbors, starting with the house which had a very beautiful lawn.

“Wow…” the eldest newcomer child said, staring with awe at the beautiful lawn, which was decorated with flowers that greatly contributed to the beauty of the lawn. Smooth gray stones were also arranged in various parts of the lawn, and on one side was a little pond where a single water-lily floated.

As he looked at the house, he suddenly remembered what a random kid told him about the house during the previous day:

“That’s the Lawn Nut’s house. He’ll get really pissed off if you at least step on his precious lawn. I don’t recommend visiting his house, too, since that grumpy old man seems to care about his lawn more than neighbors that come to visit.”

Well, the eldest newcomer child didn’t really care about that random kid’s last sentence regarding the Lawn Nut. He only reminded himself to not step on the Lawn Nut’s precious lawn.

And so, the eldest newcomer child carefully walked down the proper path to the door of the Lawn Nut’s house. He then knocked on the door once he got there.


Quickly, the door was answered by an old man with an intimidating expression on his face. The old man wore a pink shirt, pink shirts, and pink slippers. His pink outfit had a floral design, too, and the outfit contrasted with his currently intimidating expression.

“Did someone step on my lawn?” the old man asked. “Did you step on my lawn?”

 “Uhh…no, sir,” the eldest newcomer child nervously replied. “I made sure not to step on your lawn.”

Upon hearing the boy’s answer, the Lawn Nut then breathed a sigh of relief.

“The neighbors must have told you, huh?” the Lawn Nut asked.

“Uhh…yeah,” answered the eldest newcomer child, a bit unnerved by the sudden question of the Lawn Nut, as his mind was clouded by the opinion formed from the gossip that the random kid had told him.

“Hm. I don’t really care about what they say about me. I won’t do anything to them, just as long as they don’t mess up my lawn. Anyway, you wanna have some tea with me? I saw you move in recently, you know.”


The eldest newcomer child wasn’t the type to reject such kind offers to have tea, and it made him loosen up a bit when it came to the Lawn Nut. “Just don’t mess up his lawn,” he reminded himself as he entered the Lawn Nut’s house.

“Sit down, boy,” the Lawn Nut said, gesturing to a seat in front of him. The eldest newcomer child sat down, and the Lawn Nut filled two cups with tea from a pot on a tray, which sat on a table beside them.

“So…do you want to hear why I value my lawn so much?” the Lawn Nut asked, as he knew that the boy didn’t know him much yet, and that he seemed like the type who would listen properly to an old man.

“Sure,” the boy answered after taking sips of tea. “You seem to be quite known for being a lawn nut, you know.”

“Yeah, I know that. The neighbors can say what they want, but don’t they dare mess my lawn. It’s a cherished treasure that me and my late wife worked so hard to maintain. Whenever it’s beautiful, it reminds me of my late wife. She had such a beautiful personality, you know, kid. She told me to always keep it beautiful. She even told me that minutes before her death.”

The Lawn Nut then smiled as he remembered his late wife.

“Hm…I see,” the boy replied, taking more sips of tea, and then refilling his teacup. “That’s nice. You must have had a nice life together, huh?”

“Yeah. We’ve been through good times and bad times, and now, she’s dead, I’m old, and my kids are out there, living their lives. Aside from reading books and drinking tea, maintaining the beauty of that precious lawn is something that makes me really happy.”

“Is that so?” the boy asked while wearing a friendly smile. “Can you teach me how to maintain a garden, then, sir?”

The boy suddenly became interested in gardening upon knowing more about this friendly Lawn Nut.

“Well, sure, kid! I’d be happy to do so. Come by when you have the time. I’ll teach you the stuff–”

Suddenly, he stopped mid-sentence, and then he immediately ran to the door. The boy then went to the window to check what was going on outside. There was a boy who was trolling the Lawn Nut by moving around the lawn while on a bike while laughing loud.


The trolling boy then went off, still laughing loud while the Lawn Nut was shouting at him.

“Well, I shouldn’t be angry at him if he gets angry at me when I mess up his lawn,” the eldest newcomer child said to himself while taking sips of tea. “It’s something important to him, and he’s also quite a friendly person underneath that lawn obsession of his.”

The eldest newcomer child then smiled at the start of a new friendship.

“It’s a really beautiful day, today,” the boy said to himself, looking up to the sky as he drank his tea.

Stuck in the Pit of Failure

“Welcome to the Pit of Failure, boy!”

A mud-drenched boy was welcomed by a man in tattered cowboy clothes to a wide and deep pit that was made out of mud. Around them were people buried in mud, parts of their bodies sticking out above the mud.

“I hate this place,” said the mud-drenched boy with a deadpan expression.

“Well, ya’ll have to deal with it,” said the cowboy. “Everyone has to fall in here at least once, ya know. Don’t worry, ya can still get outta here.”

“What about you? Shouldn’t you be trying to get out of this place, too?”

“I gave up on life, and so I’m stuck here forever,” the cowboy said in a laid-back tone. “The only things I can do now are swim in the mud, cry like the rest of these fools, and help anyone that falls into this place. I’d rather stick with doing the third thing to do, since I’d rather teach lessons to people like ya through my failures than do nothing here, ya know.”

“Well, get me out of here immediately.”

“Relax, boy. Climbing out of this pit requires calmness and patience. Rushing it won’t do you any good. Ya’ll just fall again quickly.”


The mud-drenched boy was quite a prideful person. He was a very successful celebrity, and he held a lot of respect…until the time when he was caught in a scandal which involved him and a girl he was cheating with. As the majority of the present society have a tendency to start gigantic uproars over such things, the boy’s reputation crashed really quick. The boy’s short temper didn’t help, too.

“Ya must have quite the inflated ego, huh?” the cowboy said while twirling his empty revolver. “Well, balloons are bound to pop, anyway. Ya’ll have to deal with failure, now, boy! Hahaha–”


The laughing cowboy then received a punch to the face from the angry mud-drenched boy. The cowboy didn’t retaliate, but he laughed even harder as he slowly sank into the mud.


With that scream of great anger, the mud-drenched boy immediately jumped into the mud, and sank into it, saying:

“I give up on my life. I want to die already.”

“Ya sure about that, boy?” the cowboy, now back on his feet, asked.

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

“Are ya reaaaaalllly sure?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“Really reaaaaallllly sure?”

“I SAID THAT I AM SURE!” the boy responded angrily, raising his head out of the mud and facing the cowboy.

“Alright, as a symbol of yar giving up on life, let me shoot you in the face!”

“Wait, what–”


The revolver was empty, but the boy gained a bullet hole on his forehead, and that made his head sink into the mud again.

“Well, this reminds me of the time when I shot the side of ma head,” the cowboy said, taking his hat off and touching the side of his head, where a bullet hole was located. “Boy, that was painful!”

After saying that, the cowboy decided to swim in the mud again, and as he did so, he said:

“Anyway, I hope ya enjoy yar eternal stay here in the Pit of Failure!”

The Boy Who Hoped for an Interesting Conversation with his Old Grandfather

His paternal grandfather was lying on a bed in a hospital’s emergency room ward. The grandson stood by, thinking of something to talk about with his grandfather. Some moments later, the grandson tried to start a conversation.

“So, I took a philosophy subject during the past semester, Grandpa.”

“So…your brother’s gonna go to that college, since he passed the entrance exam, huh?”

But the grandfather’s reply didn’t go in line with the topic that the grandson wanted to talk about. “I guess  his age is getting to him already,” the grandson thought.

“Well, it depends on whether he passes the exam for the national university,” the grandson politely replied. “If he does, then he’ll be studying there with me.”

“Well, what about Robert?” the grandfather asked. “He’s okay with the university and course that he’s studying in?”

“I guess so. Business was the career that he wanted to take, as I remember.”

“Well…that’s good.”

With that, the grandfather closed his eyes again, seemingly trying to go to sleep. The grandson just stood there, moving his gaze towards the various medical equipment around him. He noticed that his grandfather had trouble with remembering things when he visited his house with his dad and sister that morning, and he also noticed that his grandfather was also having a hard time moving around. He went along with his dad, his sister, and his uncle to bring the grandfather to the hospital. The grandfather had a fever during that day, and he also fell into a fish pond and hit the back of his head during the previous day. Add his diabetes to the list, and that already sent the grandson’s dad’s concern meter really high, but not high enough to cause panic.

“Well, he’s really old already,” the grandson thought to himself again. “Death must be getting close, huh? Well, I guess that’s inevitable. I don’t really hate him, but a person has to die someday. I wanted to have an interesting conversation about college with my grandfather, but I guess I’ll have to do with this.”

But as the grandson thought that, he hesitated. “Well, his death is getting close. I may not be able to talk to him again, since our visits to his house are occasional. I may end up only wishing to have interesting conversations with him if he dies, just like with my paternal grandmother. Yeah…I wish I could have an interesting conversation with her again…and I wish I could have an interesting conversation with him…right now…Yeah…I should take the opportunity right now. Don’t give up, man.”

As he strengthened his resolve, the grandson decided to speak up to his paternal grandfather.

“Hey, Grandpa, I’d like to talk about something with you.”