A Poetic Birthday Greeting to a Certain Childhood Guardian of Mine

My dad informed me about it yesterday

So I decided to make a poem to greet you today.

You, who would take care of me and my bro back when us two boys were little kids.


Mom and Dad would leave the two of us back in that old house,

That old house where you, my dad, and the rest of your brothers and sisters once lived in.

I remember that house’s cats and their meows

And I guess that’s where my love for cats awoke within.

Back in that house, I would play around

With all the toys lost and found.

At times, I would use the computer for some little Paint

Or try to surf the Internet with a dial-up speed rate.

Sometimes, I would find you working on programming

While I had no idea what you were actually doing.


Those were fun days

And I even remember when uncle came.

You know, Uncle Carlo?

We played Cashflow 101 together with the other family members

And my bro would randomly go playing headbutt with uncle.

You’ve already had experience dealing with kids because of me and my bro.

I wonder how you’re doing with Uncle and your two boys now?


Today’s your birthday, right?

I’m still a forgetful guy.

Anyway, those days were fun

And I hope you’re having fun with your life, too.

So, as I hope that my timing is right,

Let me say this to you:

Happy birthday, Auntie Vicky.


2 thoughts on “A Poetic Birthday Greeting to a Certain Childhood Guardian of Mine

  1. Vicki says:

    Wow, my dear bear, what can i say. I am already having wonderful day on my birthday, and here you are with your cool poem that brought back those sweet and fun-filled days.

    I appreciate your thoughtfuness. A heartfelt thank you goes to you.

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