Loosen Up and Smile, Tobby!


I’ve gone through the first day of the semester today, and boy, I’m still struggling with adjusting to the school environment. It always seems to happen every time a school term starts…I met some bunny-ears lawyer type of professors and some new classmates with the tendency to laugh and crack really annoyingly stupid jokes…

My desire to have order according to my will is acting up again…I guess those people are hammering the fact that things won’t always go my way…It’s like I’m a more controlled version Death the Kid from Soul Eater…Man, and it’s stupid that I’m getting worked up over people acting stupidly when I even go stupid while hanging around Tumblr…I should really calm down and relax…

Well, at least now, I’m not breaking down quickly…I just have to focus on the positive stuff and talk with my parents or some trustworthy person who can give me some emotional support. Music and writing can help, too. I should really accept the fact that there will be people who will be annoyingly stupid. They crack and laugh over an annoyingly stupid joke? I just need to remain calm. Besides, within the annoying stupidity of those people, there has to be something good inside them…like intelligence from those bunny-ears lawyer type of professors…The university that I’m studying in is a really well-known university with high quality education, so I don’t think that they were hired carelessly. As for those new classmates of mine…well, maybe some people find them to be good…but I don’t really know all those new classmates yet, so I shouldn’t be going around assuming what sort of people they are. I’ve got a whole semester to know more about them.

Well, I can try to be friends with them, but I shouldn’t force myself if I feel uncomfortable with their personalities. I do say “friendship for the win,” but I’m not perfect. I’m a pretty introverted person when I’m hanging around outside cyberspace. At times, I still have issues with making my voice louder while talking to others, too…and then there’s my desire to have order according to my will…Well, the university that I’m studying in is like a small-scale version of the whole world…a world of differences and uniqueness…There’s positive and negative…but I should focus on the positive. Yeah, I should focus on the positive. I should just try to adapt with the environment while being myself at the same time. I can only change myself. I can’t change others, and I can only influence them to change themselves. If they were close to me in terms of social relationships, they would probably conform to some of my demands more easily, but these new people who I just met…I should accept them for who they are and tolerate them. While they remain true to themselves, I’ll stay true to myself as well. Also, I’ll still keep on hoping that they become better people. I’ll try to keep on looking at the bright side. I may not be perfec, but I won’t give up!

Now then, time for a self-reminder:

Loosen up and smile, Tobby!


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