The Power to Summon Entertainment Upon Declaration of Boredom

“I’m bored,” a teenage boy named Jack said while sitting on his bed in his room during a certain weekend morning.

“Did somebody say ‘I’m bored?'”

Suddenly, a floating clown with a colorfully bright outfit and two ghost tail-legs appeared in front of Jack.

“Well, that was fast,” Jack said, smiling at the sudden arrival of a colorful supernatural entity.

“I appear before people who declare their boredom,” the clown said with a funny dance. “I am Jester, the entertainment genie clown who can grant one wish to a bored person that declares their boredom! No one else would notice me except for the person that summoned me! Still, I haven’t been working for a long time, because I was sleeping, for, I don’t know, centuries, maybe? Supernatural guys like me were becoming the stuff of fiction, so we were pretty much losing our popularity as powerful spirits that can give you great suffering!”


Jack was going “Wow” at this clown. He could grant one wish, he was freaking amusing despite the fact that he could make Jack suffer very much. Because he felt so entertained by this supernatural clown, Jack decided to take advantage of Jester’s presence.

“Jester, will you grant my wish?”

“Of course…uhhh…What’s your name, kid?”


“Yes, Jack! I will grant your wish. What is your wish?”

“Give me the power to summon entertainment whenever I declare my boredom.”

“What in the world?”

Jester had never heard a wish such as that in his whole life. “Well, this wish was made out of impulse,” Jester thought. “Just like all the other bored people whose wishes I granted. Well, time to teach another person a lesson by making them regret having their wish granted!”

“Hello? Jester?”

“Yes, yes! I shall grant your wish!” Jester joyfully responded. “Anything is possible for a wish-granter like me! And away!”

Jester suddenly disappeared in an explosion of bright lights that temporarily blinded Jack. After a while, Jack could see clearly again.

“Huh? Where did Jester go?”

Jester was now nowhere to be found…Well, he just turned himself invisible to watch Jack have fun and then experience regret.

As for Jack, he just shrugged Jester’s disappearance off, and he went out of his house to check out his new power.

Jack then stood on the sidewalk in front of his house in the suburbs, and then he declared in a plain voice.

“I’m bored.”

Nothing happened for a few moments, but then…


…A giant missile suddenly crashed into the wide road in front of him. It didn’t explode or anything, though. The neighbors were awoken by the noise, too.

“Wow,” Jack said, now down on the ground because of the force of the crash. “That was freaking nuts.”

Jack went back on his feet, and then he declared again, this time more loudly:

“I’m bored!”


The missile immediately exploded, leaving a big and deep crater on the wide road. The neighbors were even more disturbed by the blast, causing them to go out of their houses in a panic and see what just happened. As for Jack, he was down on the ground again, with his face and clothes covered in ashes.

“I now regret having wished for that power. Jester, are you there?”

“Yes, I am!”

Jester suddenly appeared beside Jack, with the clown feeling amused at this turn of events.

“You’re the fastest one to regret your wish among all the wish-makers that I met, Jack!” Jester said. “Giving you such a power was a pretty dangerous thing, since you’re toying with powers beyond your comprehension, and watching you learn from your mistake was very amusing!”

“Don’t worry, Jester,” Jack said, staring at the crater on the road, “I won’t be getting angry at you. I just wish that I forgot all that just happened.”

“Well, since you have amused me by impressively learning your lesson quickly, I shall grant your wish!”

Jester disappeared again in an explosion of bright lights that only Jack could see, and then Jack became knocked out cold on the ground.

“Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” Jester thought to himself. “He’s going to forget the lesson that he just learned! Oh well, maybe next time. I’ll visit him again when he declares his boredom again.”

And so, Jester went on to wait for the next caller to mess with.


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