Adjust Your Blogging Frequency, Tobby!

You didn’t blog again yesterday, man.

I know you can,

But it seems like blogging daily isn’t a good idea right now.

You have more important things that you need to focus on,

And right now, you’re like an easily-distracted hound.

You’re a freaking guy who still has freaking issues with Internet addiction.

You can get over it, Tobby.

Kick out the freaking laziness that’s holding you in a cage,

A cage that you yourself had made.

Calm down and focus, Tobby.

You still have your classes.

You still have your bigger goals.

You still have more important things to do.

Wouldn’t your life be a waste if you failed to do them?

But don’t worry.

You can do it.

You can motivate yourself.

It’s your choice.

Going from “being lazy” to “being productive”

Is as easy as flicking a switch.

Now then, let me remind you again:

Adjust your blogging frequency, Tobby!

Oh, and don’t forget to calm down and focus on the more important things that you need to do.

And also, look at the bright side, too!

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