Stop Worrying Too Much, Tobby!

Today, another series of shocking events shook me,

But that’s how everyday works.

A series of twists and turns,

Ups and downs.

That’s an ordinary day.

I try to insulate all the heat that’s flying everywhere,

But I’m not perfect.

I’m still a piece of wood that easily burns up.

I’m not a perfectly honest person.

I still struggle to practice what I preach.

I feel like I’m a piece of wood pretending to be a piece of diamond.

Well, I pretty much suck right now

Worrying about all the heat around me,

But music plays into my ears again:

“Why worry about what others think

When you’re not doing anything wrong?

You’re worrying too much, Tobby.

You’re beginning to hurt yourself again.

You’re sensitive to the burning heat,

But you can draw inspiration even from a blazing flame.

Show your true colors.

A mask will never hide all the colors of an artist.

Wake up, Tobby.

Stop worrying too much!”

As this song rings in my ears,

I decide to close my eyes and shed some tears

And then open my eyes again with a renewed heart.

This heat can burn easily burn up a piece of wood like me,

But with the best I can,

I won’t let the flames burn me down.

I’ll let that song ring in my ears again

So that I’ll never forget

That reminder to myself:

Stop worrying too much, Tobby!

It’s time to lighten up and ride the Happy Mobile again!


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