Go Hang Around With Mr. Chair and Mr. Table When You Use Your Computer, Tobby!

Tobby, you did not sleep early again last night.

I am going to kick your butt for that health-degrading move.

That would look really crazy, though.

I would probably flip a foot back, try to hit it, and then look like a freaking nut…

But that’s not the point right now.

You’re more focused while using your computer on a chair and table.

I’ve noticed that, you know.

And you need to focus on homework and other important things when you use the computer.

Last night, I saw you’re attention span shortening.

You were starting to look like a goldfish, you know.

Actually, you were focused on a distraction,

And then you jumped to another,

But then you got back to a distraction,

And then you jumped back and forth,

Again and again,

And then you realized that you had wasted a lot of time.

Your time management needs more work, Tobby!

Don’t freaking use your computer on your bed!

You get easily distracted, from what I’ve noticed.

Maybe it’s because of your slouched position there.

You’ve already promised me that, right?

That you’ll always use your computer on a chair and table.

The bed is for you to sleep on.

Your study table is for you to do your work on.

You have important goals, Tobby.

Focus on accomplishing them with the best of your ability first, man.

And if you ever have a hard time following the rules that you set upon yourself,

I’ll be here, trying to remind you again and again.

I can speak in your mind,

Or write in your blog.

I won’t give up on you, Tobby.

And now, I’ll remind you again:

Go hang around with Mr. Chair and Mr. Table when you use your computer, Tobby!

Oh, and don’t forget to get enough sleep, too!


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