Be a Calmer, Gentler, and Kinder Person, Tobby

You’re crying again, Tobby.

Been a long time since you cried like that.

You used to cry like a cow being tortured when you were a kid.

You did that a lot.

But it’s not like I have a problem with you crying right now.

Just keep yourself quiet.

Don’t be too noisy.

Let’s talk right here.

I’m you.

And you’re me.

I’ll turn your silence into words.

You’ve been taking things too seriously lately.

You’re not perfect, I know.

No need to say sorry for that.

No need to blame you right now.

Let’s solve your problems.

Now, let’s talk about them first.

Mom got angry at you

But she had a point

Because you took your problem too seriously.

You made a bigger deal out of it

And Mom didn’t like it.

Mom has a point

Even if her medicine tastes bitter.

You need to be more independent.

You’re on the way to a life where you’ll have to live by yourself.

I can see that you know that.

I can see that you understand that.

But Mom’s message isn’t what you’re crying about right now, right?

I see.

It’s how she delivers her message that hurts, right?

Well, you can’t change her.

She chose to deal with things that way.

That’s how she works.

But I know that you’re not forgetting

That she really cares for you.

That she really loves you.

She may keep on teaching you lessons with a sharp tongue.

You can’t change her

But you can change yourself.

You want to have your own family someday, right?

When you finally marry the woman who’s right for you

And when you finally have children of your own,

Be a calm, gentle, and kind person to your family.

Instead of being a cold and freezing storm,

Be a warm and tickling breeze.

You wanted to make people smile, right?

You should be a warm and tickling breeze to other people, too.

Still, there are times when you need to be a cold and freezing storm to deliver a point,

But I don’t know if you’ll agree with me on that.

Anyway, just focus on becoming a calmer, gentler, and kinder person.

Be a calmer, gentler, and kinder person, Tobby.

Now that I’ve reminded you again,

Let the music of your real feelings ring

Make these words of yours sing

And cry with me silently.

The sun will definitely rise

But for now,

Let out the burden in your heart

And cry with me silently.

Feel free to say something!

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