Time for Some Poetic Time Management Encouragement, Tobby!

Time for some poetic time management encouragement, Tobby!

I’ll repeat that again

So that you won’t forget.

You’re too focused on the Internet and other unnecessary stuff right now.

I’ll give you these freaking suggestions,

Now write these down while you listen!

Sleep on time and wake up on time,

Exercise in the early morning,

Get your blood flowing right.

Eat enough,

Don’t fatten yourself too much,

Heart attacks are Death’s favorite method now.

During your free time,

The priority of studying is at the top,

So finish your homework before you go inside your cardboard box.

When there’s an important activity outside,

Get out of the house on time,

Because “fashionably late” isn’t an acceptable work style.

Well, that’s all I have to tell you for now,

But don’t forget these freaking commands!

That’s right, I changed my mind.

They’re not freaking suggestions anymore.

Since you’re me

And I’m you,

What I just told you are things that you must do!

I’ll end this poetic time management encouragement right here.

So that you won’t forget, you can come back here!

Oh, and if you don’t have enough time left in a day,

You can forget about updating your blog and keeping up with your social network updates!

It’s like dating a girl (I’ve never asked out a girl on a date even once, though…),

You don’t have to spend all your time with her.

You need to keep your time balanced,

So anyway, I’ll seriously end this

Before I end with a metaphorical failure that’s freaking epic!


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