Improve Your Fitness, Tobby!

Tobby, I saw your performance in your fitness test.

You’re a fat dude.

Flexibility that’s stiff as a wooden post,

Hands that are soft as butter,

An upper body that’s tough as a wooden wall being eaten by termites,

And agility that can’t escape a roaring stampede of bulls.

Dude, don’t take this too seriously.

Don’t get angry at the dudes who look more fit than you.

They may appear more good-looking,

But their good-looking appearance is a secondary result of their maintenance of their physical fitness.

What really matters most is that they’re healthy.

Instead of becoming envious at them,

Let them serve as your inspiration.

You need to improve your fitness, Tobby.

You may have a great mind,

But if you can’t maintain your physical fitness,

Then your mind will all go to waste one day

Because death would probably be stalking you so closely,

That you won’t even see it coming to get you early when you have bad physical fitness.

So eat with balance,

Exercise regularly,

Sleep enough,

Strengthen your body,

And put your mind in doing all of these things that I’m asking you to do!

Remember, Tobby:

Do your best and have fun!

You can come back here if you need to remind yourself again,

So let me remind you again:

Improve your fitness, Tobby!


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