The Code of A Happy Mobile Rider

I am a Happy Mobile Rider.

A Happy Mobile Rider

Is someone who chooses to be happy,

Someone who chooses to spread happiness.

A Happy Mobile Rider

Can be anyone.

For a Happy Mobile Rider, unity in diversity is possible,

But I won’t force you to agree with the Happy Mobile Riders’ view.

I can only influence others,

And I cannot change them,

As we all have free will,

And even if I asked someone to be happy,

They still have the power to say “No.”

If someone asks for happiness,

I will try to show them

What true happiness is

And that there are many reasons to be happy.

Again, I can only influence them.

My help would work

If they are willing to accept it.

If they don’t,

Then I shall leave them be,

While I hope that they find the way to true happiness.

I am a Happy Mobile Rider.

I don’t need to be too serious.

And now…



I should relax, have fun, do my best, and look at the bright side.

And of course, I should always remember:

Friendship for the win, people.


Feel free to say something!

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